“Thank you again soooooo dearly from the fullest expanses of my soul. This weekend was a cellular shift for me, and FAR more than I could have dreamed possible. I meant what I said: you OVER-delivered from start to finish...I’ve done all of @TonyRobbins courses and events and he’s coached me personally, and I’m telling you, sister, you brought the whole Tony Robbins experience in full feminine force. I loooooooooooove Tony, and there is no greater compliment I could ever give anyone than to say that their event reminded me of a Tony event - and yours 100% did that. A world of gratitude and a universe of blessings and love love love and more love for you, beloved sister.
— A.S.
Lainie Love speaking for the audience at Goddess on the Go

Lainie Love speaking for the audience at Goddess on the Go

Get Ready to live into your creative & (r)evolutionary potential for the good of all....
Multimedia minister, sacred artist & motivational powerhouse Rev. Lainie Love Dalby is on a quest to help YOU live a deeply engaged life, leave normal in the dust & shake the world. Not only does Rev. Lainie Love bring outrageous LOVE, unbridled SELF-EXPRESSION & total ALIVENESS, she also skillfully combines over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience in authentic expression & branding, cultural innovation & creative entrepreneurship, as well as heart-centered living & leadership in her powerful work. She delivers keynotes, facilitates groups, & transforms the lives of her audiences by injecting wisdom, conscious entertainment & multi-sensory experiential learning into each engagement. Her work has been featured in online global summits; presented at institutions such as Cornell University, Rush Arts, One Spirit Learning Alliance & SCOPE; and sought after by high profile art collectors as well as the stylists of celebrities like Nicki Minaj & Paris Hilton. Click HERE to find our more about Lainie Love & her work.

Keynotes & Multimedia Sermons

  1. The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly
  2.  Ignite Your Fierce Feminine for a World in Crisis
  3. Creating the World’s Greatest Masterpiece: Your LIFE!
  4. How to Become a Badass Fear Buster & Cultivate Courage NOW
  5. The Compassionate Hustle™: How to Use Your Heart & Fierce Love to Get Ahead
  6. From Failure to Fabulosity: How I went from the Edge of Suicide to Savoring Life Fully ALIVE
  7. Live Conscious, Suffer Less & Shake the World
“Lainie! No words. I love you. I’m in awe of YOU. The work you did this weekend was PROFOUND. You transformed lives, and past lives, and future lives. You are my angel. I can’t wait for what’s next.”
— V.V.
You brought the freaking house down. Thank you! Your message struck a chord in the room and was so playful, real, and full of magic making. It was permission granting for women to be who they are.
— Leora Edut, Founder of Goddess on the Go
Lainie Love’s generous & wise spirit was quickly felt & absorbed during her talk. It allowed for all of us to reveal & surrender our deeper selves to each other & for that we are a stronger group. This is truly her gift and talent.
— - Lisa F., New York Life Insurance
Lainie is a transformational change agent - embodying and boldly living out her own call to serve and change the world- as she encourages and inspires her audiences to do the same. Thank you for your wisdom, passion, commitment & empowerment!
— Mary Beth Daniels, founder of Soul Celebration Sanctuary