The Wild Women ARISE Experience: A 7 Month Initiation into the Fierce Feminine

  • #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary Brooklyn, NY 11225

A Sacred Container of Transformation to Activate Your Innate Power & Embodied Leadership Potential

We women are being called to stand in our full force and fiery feminine power to help heal our individual hearts, as well as our collective global heart. Make no mistake. We are being called to ARISE into our full potential for the good of all.

Earth Angels, Goddesses, Priestesses, Light Workers & Badass Witchy Babes: THIS IS OUR TIME. Especially if you’ve been told you’re too much, not enough, or relentlessly shamed all of your life - the invitation now is to be unapologetically YOU!

This (r)evolutionary program is:

  • Part High Priestess Healing Temple

  • Part Soulful Deep Dive into Wild & Ancient Earth Based Wisdom

  • Part Sacred Mastermind to Activate Your Innate Power & Untapped Potential