Bring Your Birth Chart ALIVE Online Course

It is time.  You feel it in your bones.  All the waiting, the hesitation, the fear is falling away as you sense and know what you must do.  You know the world needs you, wholehearted, awake, and engaged in your soul purpose. You know you are a Love Warrior, born at this time with sacred intent. All around, the storm rages.  All around, deep change, the pangs of birthing, the world remaking herself. 

I have found again and again, after I received my first Shamanic Astrology Birth Chart Reading from Tami Brunk, that the wisdom encoded in a Shamanic Astrology Birth Chart Reading runs deep and provides a comprehensive, continually evolving map on how to direct my energies, view life experiences from a more empowered perspective, and make choices aligned with my soul intent.  In times of such chaos I see and feel how our self-knowledge helps us live as anchors of coherence, clarity, and joyful expression.

This is why I have partnered up with Tami Brunk for a new online course beginning August 23rd: Bringing Your Chart Alive. During this 8-Week ceremonial journey Tami will reveal the deeper significance of the seven building blocks of your birth chart: the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Ascendant, and Jupiter through the lens of Shamanic Astrology. And I will using the tools of guided meditations and visualizations, embodied movement practices, and expressive arts to bring these aspects of your multifaceted being into full and living color.

Through this course you will become intimately familiar with your own personal chart as well as gaining the awareness to understand the birth charts of others through the powerful lens of Shamanic Astrology.

You'll be guided to create a series of mixed media collage paintings of Sacred Art, to bring your birth chart alive and open a visionary doorway into the sacred realms.  Each expressive artwork created will provide clues on the path of who you're meant to BE in the world.  

Join us if this call stirs you - we would love your participation in this cauldron of transformation.