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Welcome, beloved Sacred (R)evolutionary!!!

I deeply believe that we are in need of a Sacred (R)evolution® of love and reverence for self, other, the planet and the Web of All Life. A new bottom line of love aimed at restorative justice, collective healing, and fierce liberation. Reconnection is the medicine that is most greatly needed in our world right now. It is this sacred reconnection that will bring an end to the rampant violence in our world, both overt and covert, and restore us to our dignity and humanity. Reconnection to our truth, our planetary family, our sacred purpose, our power, our sovereignty, and our great sentient Mother Earth. And most of all, a reconnection to what deeply nourishes us and ALL OF LIFE. I’m so thrilled you’re here to join me for the journey! You’ll find below a bunch of juicy FREE resources to get started!


Read Lainie Love’s Book Chapter

Lainie Love’s chapter “Igniting a Sacred (R)evolution, aka A New Bottom Line of Love” appeared in the recent publication of The New Feminine Evolutionary Series Book: Pioneering New Pathways to Prosperity. Click below to download your own PDF copy to read! Learn more about the Sacred (R)evolution and how you can get involved!


Take a sacred journey with your ancestors in this video

There are so many ways to get in touch with your Spirit. This video is from an interview Lainie Love did for The Art of Spiritual Living Online Retreat. It’s time to stop talking about spirituality and start doing it! I am sharing a powerful mini ceremony with chanting, an ancestors visualization and expressive arts process to create our own oracle cards

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Free Dance to the Sacred (R)evolution Podcast

Dancing in Beauty is one of the core pillars of the Sacred (R)evolution!! Plus I just LOVE to dance, whether it’s to take a break from working, to move stuck energy or to channel joy out into the world!! Join me in dancing to some of my favorite tunes on spotify!


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Continue to deepen with the Sacred (R)evolution

In our SISTERHIVE Membership community we delve into a different pillar of the Sacred (R)evolution each month. SISTERHIVE is a sacred space for cis/trans women & non binary individuals to receive deep nourishment, embodiment practices and sisterhood support so we can bring our love into action & nourish the soul of the world. We are a beloved teaching and learning community encouraging full soul expression, moral courage, planetary healing, & collective spiritual awakening. We are ambassadors of the sacred and protectors of the cosmic order within a global virtual village combining our power & effectiveness for the greater good. We are a Superorganism like the BEEHIVE, a womb, a brooding chamber where we can drink sweet honey nectar to super power our sacred work in the world. We are a temple of radical sacred activism, where every action is a prayer. We are emergent & established embodied leaders, living into our full (r)evolutionary potential & co-creating a better world together. We are a holy sanctuary existing outside of the current patriarchal paradigms where we can show up as we are and be seen and loved fully for that truth.