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It's time to unleash your full soul expression & create your life as a great masterpiece for the good of all.


Lainie Love's Story

Featured in numerous media outlets as “The Lady Gaga of Consciousness,” Lainie Love is a motivational powerhouse & soul midwife on the forefront of our global transformation. She is an Misfit Minister & visionary artivist serving up huge injections of creativity, courage & BIG love to instigate personal & social change. Is your curiosity peeked yet?  Read more if so!

Transformational Consulting

I work with individuals & organizations, enabling them to lead more heart-centered, morally courageous and soulfully authentic businesses and lives. This life-changing work includes ritual, powerful tools & practices, deep inquiry, expressive arts & compassionate hustling so you can LIVE, LOVE, LEAD, SERVE & SPARKLE in the world.

Reverent Reflections

Check out our somewhat monthly reverent reflections where you can learn about multi-passionate entrepreneurship as well as source leadership inspiration, practical spiritual tools & some serious doses of personal transformation all to up-level your life in the global village. There's also some inspirational & arty e-guides over in the shop HERE.


An urban priestess of the moment, Lainie Love skillfully weaves the sacred into our everyday pop culture, where the product of art becomes a ritualized modality of healing, expanding oneself, and dissolving conventional molds within her art practice, Visceral P.L.A.Y. (Pleasure Loves Accommodating You).

Soul Sparkle Sermons

Rev. Lainie Love Dalby is serving up soulful sermons with daring style, deep substance and Divine SPARKLE.  She riffs on everything from self-expression, to aliveness, to our human condition, to oneness, social entrepreneurship, leadership, Booty shakin' and the art of living fully. Also be sure to check out her visionary art videos. As a spiritual guide & ordained Interfaith Minister, she skillfully combines over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience in love-filled leadership, authentic soul expression & branding, as well as cultural innovation & creative entrepreneurship -- helping individuals & organizations lead more heart-centered, morally courageous & radically authentic businesses and lives.

Get a FREE session

I invite you to activate your full potential with my artful combo of heart-centered teachings, deep ritual, outrageous creativity, entrepreneurial acumen, courage cultivation, engagement strategy, and soul diving.  Book a FREE 30 min appointment today!  It's just you, me & your transformation!

Speaking & Teaching

Rev. Lainie Love Dalby is on a quest to help YOU live a deeply engaged life, leave normal in the dust & shake the world. She delivers keynotes, facilitates groups, & transforms the lives of her audiences by injecting wisdom, conscious entertainment & multi-sensory experiential learning into each engagement. Book her now

The I am Worthy Guide

Are you ready to end the cycles of abuse, claim your worth & exude confidence? The I am Worthy guide is an experiential journey to radical self acceptance and the courage to just be you. Learn to turn heads whenever you walk into a room, shining radiantly with your full beauty & presence from the inside out. Learn the essential keys to sparkle shamelessly in the world with your full expression. Get it now!

The Sparkle Shop

Looking for "wisdom on the go"?  These digital tools can be used at your leisure to reconnect you to your inner core & remind you of who you really are.  Browse our diverse selection of e-guides, inspirational art, & MP3's now.