It's time, Beloved... come out of hiding, unleash your authentic soul expression, co-create your life as a great masterpiece for the good of all & help heal the world. 

Here’s how I can helP you claim your power & embodied leadership potential...

Spiritual Immersions

Through her signature 7 month Initiation into the Fierce & Sacred Feminine, Sovereign Sisters Rising, live weekend Immersions, retreats, speaking & sacred art, Rev. Lainie Love creates containers of deep healing, sacred play, soul growth & alchemical transformation so you can step into your innate power & embodied leadership potential. This life-changing work includes ceremony and ritual, ancient wisdom, spiritual practices, depth inquiry, Qoya movement, expressive arts, & modern shamanism so you can feel more comfortable in your own skin, return to wholeness, and express your full radiance in the world, SPARKLING Shamelessly for all to see. Come as you are, leave as MORE of who you are!

Rev. Lainie Love's Mission

Recently pegged as a 'Global Midwife for the 21st century,' Rev. Lainie Love is a Misfit Minister, Embodied Leadership Mentor, Sacred Artist & (R)evolutionary Muse on the forefront of our global transformation toward co-creating a kinder, braver & more beautiful world. With her own brand of multimedia ministry and Sacred Arts Education, she's on a mission to free human spirits to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and make LOVE the new bottom line through empowerment, entertainment & enlightenment. Her greatest prayer: May we own our sacredness and unleash our wild, fierce & authentic soul expression in service to the world & all those who need us most.

Soulful Sermons

Rev. Lainie Love is serving up soulful sermons & #sermonettes with daring style, deep substance and Divine SPARKLE.  She is an on- camera personality that riffs on everything from self-expression, to aliveness, to our human condition, to oneness, to soul care, to relationships, to embodied leadership, to Booty shakin', deep nourishment, to her specialty: the Sacred Art of Living. Come honor and revere the gift of your embodiment in this lifetime by remembering your inherent #SOULSPARKLE & Divinity within. Let her be your guide in igniting your creative & (r)evolutionary potential, so you can co-create your life as a Great Masterpiece for the good of all and Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® .

Speaking & Teaching

Rev. Lainie Love Dalby is on a quest to help YOU live a deeply engaged life, leave normal in the dust, & shake the world. She delivers keynotes, facilitates groups, & transforms the lives of her audiences by injecting deep wisdom, expertly holding sacred space, audaciously delivering conscious entertainment & always building multi-sensory experiential learning into each engagement. 


Join our haven for love, hope & encouragement in a troubled world. #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary is a non-judgmental, non-denominational sacred space for us to be unapologetically ourselves while rooted in loving kindness, radical acceptance & shared leadership. I invite you to step into the fullness of your Being while here. We are here waiting with open arms & unconditional love for you!


Are you ready to end the cycles of abuse, claim your worth & exude confidence? This FREE 13 day course is an experiential journey to radical self acceptance and the courage to just be you. Learn to turn heads whenever you walk into a room, shining radiantly with your full beauty & presence from the inside out. Get the essential keys to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® in the world with your full soul expression.