Lainie Love Dalby has been published in several books & has also done the cover art as well for several titles.


Pioneering the path to prosperity

Lainie Love created the sacred cover art and a chapter in this book from the New Feminine Evolutionary Series. Her chapter is entitled “Igniting a Sacred (R)evolution: aka a New Bottom Line of Love” and the sacred art is entitled, “The Greening Power of the Goddess.” Read her chapter in the Sacred (R)evolution Stater Kit.

GOG-Front-Cover (1).jpg

goddess on the go

Lainie Love created a chapter & self love ritual for the collaborative book Goddess on the Go: Rituals to Help You Slow Down & Slay. Her chapter is entitled “#SOULSPARKLE: The Journey to Claim our Worth in the World & Shine Bright.”


Sacred Body Wisdom

Lainie Love is in the #1 Bestseller Sacred Body Wisdom book from the New Feminine Evolutionary Series out by Flower of Life Press. Her chapter is entitled “Reclaiming Our Bodies as Sacred Sovereign Ground” and her cover art is entitled “Sipping on Stardust.”