Are you currently on a healing journey?

Did you just go through a major life transition?

Do you have a moment in time you want to commemorate and honor?


Commissioning one of Lainie Love’s Shamanic Healing Artworks is a powerful way to navigate any of these terrains with depth, meaning, soul & BIG heart. She’s utilizing creativity as a devotional act that brings us closer to the Divine and the great ALL THAT IS. The finished artworks, or he(art)works as she likes to call them, can be used as:

  • oracles for wisdom and divination
  • spiritual power tools for visualization
  • crystal grids for energetic protection or amplification
  • medicine shields for healing the body, mind, heart & soul
  • sacred works of beauty to grace your home, altar or personal sanctuary
  • gifts to celebrate a life transition such as an engagement, moving into mid-life, or experiencing a rebirth
R & D Engagement collage.png

Opening as a Divine vessel or chalice for Spirit to pour out into the world, each he(art) work is channeled specifically for the recipient and what they are honoring in their life. Each gesture, symbol, image and element weaves together healing and deep meaning, allowing viewers to access the depths of their own souls and to mine the beauty and wisdom of the Great Mystery.

Read more about Lainie Love’s Sacred Art Philosophy HERE or fill out the form below to begin the process today!

The artists birth the spirit into form with their hands, eyes and dedication ... Visionary artists make spiritual and religious art for a community, and it is their vision that lasts through the ages or changing times. They make images that will speak to the soul and are truly universal.”
— Mary Rockwood Lane
Commissioned Prayer Wheels for   The Other Half LA

Commissioned Prayer Wheels for The Other Half LA

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