Lainie Love has been affectionately referred to as “Halley’s Comet in heels”, “a true visionary, inspirational leader, and holy healer,” “a star being and powerful warrior that stands fiercely for all people,” “a shaman in a rainbow unicorn suit," “a potent source of love, wisdom & support,” and “a priceless irreplaceable wonder of the world” who “puts the SPARKLE in spirituality.” Read on below for more sparkling gems…

Sherry Paris, Author & Diversity Trainer

“Lainie Love makes me feel alive, connected, and sparkly! I am in awe of her fierce feminine leadership in art, spirit, movement and community. She holds a divine space for manifestation in which I flourish creatively.”

Vanessa Viglietta, Global Event Doula, The Super Woman Solution

“Lainie Love has been an angel, a sister, a mentor and an energetic fixture that ignites love, power, faith and compassion within me. She keeps me connected to nature, to god, to powerful people, beings and faith that came long before me. The knowledge that she shares is more valuable than any price point you could pick. She is a messenger, a star being, a powerful warrior that stands fiercely for all people to find, practice and be IN their divine medicine, purpose and pleasure in the world.”

Elana Bell, award winning poet and sound healer, Elana Bell

“Lainie Love is a sorceress for your soul, bringing deep nourishment through movement, artistic expression, and mostly her powerful spiritual presence. I always come away with deep insights and feeling truly seen and held. I highly recommend her offering."

Barbara Biziou, Global ritual expert, BarbaraBiziou

Lainie Love Dalby is the original “out of the box” thinker. She brings passion, excitement and imagination to everything she does. And, unlike many “creatives” she also follows through and grounds her ideas into practical realities. What I love about Lainie most is that she is always pushing the envelop and encouraging me to grow, stretch and become better and better. She does this with an open heart, empathy and a real desire to constantly live her greatness. Like a great sculpture, she can see what lives inside of you and frees it to truly live fully.”


L. Cates, Human Rights Lawyer

"Lainie Love and SARK occupy a similarly loving, bright and outrageous spot in my heart."


Ashlynn Manning, Artist, Performer & Massage therapist

“Working with Lainie is to be the most important person in the universe while her full attention is with you. With her loving encouragement & guiding practices I felt completely safe & open, present to my own greatness, potential, & beauty in a magnified way, that I have not experienced with myself alone, or in any group. She guided me to let go of the limiting thoughts that have been holding me back & led me into the most insightful envisioning of my future that I have had. I left feeling deeply heard & inspired to be my unique self in the world.”



Katie Cercone, Visionary artist & curator, KatieCercone

“Lainie Love Dalby is a visionary artist, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur for the new age. Brave, loving and boldly going out into the world to speak her truth, she will help you speak yours! A trailblazing denizen of the heart-centered age, I’d trust this maven of style and consciousness with my wardrobe, wedding and life plan…”


“She pulls from your most abstract places and cultivates a sense of knowing deep within >>> to the core of your being. She offers wisdom from experience, immersive study & practice in sacred ritual and deeply connected spirit. She was truly a midwife to my creativity, my risk taker, my deep belief In knowing that I actually matter on a profound level.”

Mary Beth Daniels, Founder of Soul Celebration Sanctuary & Healing Community

Lainie Love is over the top fantastic, fabulous, FANTABULOUS! She is a gifted spiritual guru who skillfully leads her clients through a process of uncovering and discovering their unique vision and voice in the world. From insightful branding sessions to flush out concepts to innovative navigational site development to creating an amazing website that embodies the very soul of your life purpose, Lainie nurtures, guides, supports, and affirms her clients in a mystical way that only she can do. Her soulful approach to brand and web creation is an art form that truly celebrates the birthing of her client’s deepest dreams. Lainie is a transformational change agent - embodying and boldly living out her own call to serve and change the world-  as she encourages and inspires her clients to do the same. Thank you Lainie Love Dalby for your wisdom, your passion, your commitment, and for empowering me to step fully into my soul purpose. When I look at my website, my heart sings and my soul soars!


Karla Lightfoot, Clinical Hypnotist,

There are no words!?! Okay, if I must… You are brilliant!!! I hope you know what a strategic, soulful and spiritual dynamo you are. You managed to gently extract, elevate and transform the whirlwind of ideas in my head right into a cogent, effective and powerful game plan for my business and life. The result? I’m moving full steam ahead now with clarity, ease and grace. Thank you for dusting off and tuning up my angel wings –I’m ready to soar!


Emily Tepper, Receptivity Coach, ReceiveEverything

“Lainie operates with a high level of integrity and LOVE, not a common combination. She is capable of seeing ALL of me; woman, spirit in evolution, entrepreneur, and healing artist, and then creating a focused strategic plan that truly FITS my needs. She is unique and one of a kind in this ability to match your spirit’s creativy learning journey with your life and business plan. If you really care about being aligned and right with HOW and WHY the money comes in for sharing your DEEP GIFTS with a thirsty world, Lainie is your woman.”

Sam Lipton, Interfaith Minister & healer

“Lainie Love Dalby brings a complete package to the table, one crafted and cultivated from years of careful inquiry and deep authenticity. She holds keys to unlocking the best in every individual and offers them with sincerity and compassion. As an entrepreneur invested in the development of entrepreneurs, Lainie shows she has more than just her finger on the pulse of the vanguard, she is the heartbeat itself.”



Martha Williams, Award Winning Film Maker, MarthaWilliams

“Lainie Love is a potent source of love, wisdom & support – a fearless warrior of  life and creativity.  Lainie is helping me to take care of myself better. As a busy over-worked filmmaker, I am learning to honor my need for self-care – to have compassion for the part of myself that needs comfort, love, affection & space. Through working with Lainie, I’m finally discovering the power of the sabbath! This has helped me to have a clearer head & to ultimately have more fun, be more productive & have more capacity for love.”


Rev. Dr. Gary Schmidt, Educator

“One of Lainie’s greatest gifts is her stunning ability to think BIGGER than big – not just for herself but, astonishingly, for each and every client she works with.  Time and again I’ve been surprised to find myself at what I THOUGHT was the peak of my creative powers and output, only to find Lainie holding me to a higher standard.  She has the unique and extraordinary capacity to VISION the fullest version of me and HOLD ME to that vision, even when I can’t see it myself. What distinguishes her is her deeply spiritual, loving, & kind presence in every interaction as she infuses you with the courage & spark to shine.  Lainie’s unique ability to hold you accountable while also being your #1 fan & cheerleader makes her the type of person ANYONE would want to work with – particularly those who want to “come out of hiding” & live the fullest, most powerful expression of themselves.”


Michael Pergola, Co-founder, Onespiritinterfaith

“Lainie selflessly gives of her talents, her creativity, her zest for living, & her love in ways that have added new “umph” to our efforts to shine authentically.  Her wealth of knowledge, combined with her original and innovative ways of sharing with the world, have served to create a message that has captured who we are in new & refreshing ways. Lainie’s energy is enrolling, she is a future thinker & she inspires others to lend their talents simply by the example she sets.”

Dr. Chrys G., EasyStressSolutions

“You definitely have an amazing gift to share with the world! THANK YOU for creating the Sacred Space for the emergence of my playful, charming, girlish self.  I continue to feel super gorgeous & sexy, even when I’m walking my dog. Thanks to our time together, and our rituals, I am realizing more and more that sexiness is in Being who I am in Truth. And LOVING it!!! Our work together was sooo much FUN, I loved every moment of it, especially the transformation that happened with the treasure hunting in my closet & within myself!”

Rev. Susan T.

” Lainie Love Dalby, walks her talk.  She is a force for self –esteem and creativity and has the skills and the ability to facilitate individuals and organization through her TEEM Gorgeous. She is endlessly creative, graphically savvy, understands how to reach target markets, and is able to synthesize concepts into a clear visual graphic ideas that bring in results. Lainie has also facilitated professional training groups for us in which she has been a clear, reliable, and a dynamic group leader. “

 Sandy F.

“I can’t say enough about how much Lainie has inspired & uplifted my life as an entrepreneur & citizen of the world. She is a rare gem: a bold woman with fierce passions that makes magic happen while maintaining utmost integrity in everything she does!  Working one-on-one with her for our ‘Ignite Your Dream Business Bootcamp’, is a treat with her creativity, drive, vision, & panache.  She not only complements my skills but motivates me to reach higher and higher each day!”

Shannon M.,

“In both group and one on one sessions with Lainie, I learned about the use of ritual as well as the discussion of spiritual life principles to develop inner resources and paths to healing that could facilitate my gaining freedom from limiting beliefs and habits linked to undesirable, distracting, or self – sabotaging behavours.  Learning under Lainie’s guidance in a safe, intimate, and personal setting has proven invaluble to my growth in this area.  It was with her facilitation that I began to practice visualization, to explore the use of symbolic objects for focusing and reflecting intention, and to learn to listen openly and expectantly for inspiration and guidance.  I highly reccomend working with Lainie Love Dalby as a way to address whatever is limiting and holding you back – my life now is dramatically improved for it both inside and out.”

Michael R. Stern

“Take equal parts dazzling personality and fabulous style, then add a sharp mind and a relentless work ethic. Now, combine that with a deep passion for helping others find ways of expressing their own deepest truths in creative and liberating ways, and you have Lainie Love Dalby. She is a living example of authentic expression, and she brings her powerful energy to every project she’s involved with by demonstrating how a powerful message, authentic self-image, and the technology of social media can come together to create an entirely new way of thinking about your business. She is an absolute blessing to work with. Keep teeming, gorgeous!”