In considering what’s next on my journey, I’d been asking myself “What does a ROCK STAR spiritual retreat leader look like, sound like, feel like, and be like?” I got my answer this weekend when you presented.
— -S.N.
Lainie Love speaking for the audience at Goddess on the Go

Lainie Love speaking for the audience at Goddess on the Go

Get Ready to live into your creative & (r)evolutionary potential for the good of all....

As a fierce trailblazer in women’s spirituality & empowerment, Lainie Love Dalby is a motivational powerhouse on a passionate quest to help you live a deeply engaged life, leave normal in the dust & heal the world. Not only does Lainie Love bring outrageous LOVE, unbridled SELF-EXPRESSION & total ALIVENESS, she also skillfully combines over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience in authentic expression & branding, cultural innovation & creative entrepreneurship, as well as heart-centered living & leadership in her powerful work. She delivers keynotes, facilitates groups, & transforms the lives of her audiences by injecting wisdom, conscious entertainment & multi-sensory experiential learning into each engagement. Her work has been featured in online global summits; presented at institutions such as Cornell University, Rush Arts, One Spirit Learning Alliance & SCOPE; and sought after by high profile art collectors as well as the stylists of celebrities like Nicki Minaj & Paris Hilton. Click HERE to read more about her & her work.

This weekend was a cellular shift for me, and FAR more than I could have dreamed possible. I meant what I said: you OVER-delivered from start to finish...I’ve done all of Tony Robbins courses and events and he’s coached me personally, and I’m telling you, sister, you brought the whole Tony Robbins experience in full feminine force. I loooooooooooove Tony, and there is no greater compliment I could ever give anyone than to say that their event reminded me of a Tony event - and yours 100% did that.
— A.S.

Keynotes & Multimedia Sermons

  1. The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly

  2. Ignite Your Fierce Feminine for a World in Crisis

  3. Creating the World’s Greatest Masterpiece: Your LIFE!

  4. How to Become a Badass Fear Buster & Cultivate Courage NOW

  5. The Compassionate Hustle™: How to Use Your Heart & Fierce Love to Get Ahead

  6. From Failure to Fabulosity: How I went from the Edge of Suicide to Savoring Life Fully ALIVE

  7. Live Conscious, Suffer Less & Shake the World

“Lainie! No words. I love you. I’m in awe of YOU. The work you did this weekend was PROFOUND. You transformed lives, and past lives, and future lives. You are my angel. I can’t wait for what’s next.”
— V.V.
You brought the freaking house down. Thank you! Your message struck a chord in the room and was so playful, real, and full of magic making. It was permission granting for women to be who they are.
— Leora Edut, Founder of Goddess on the Go
Lainie Love’s generous & wise spirit was quickly felt & absorbed during her talk. It allowed for all of us to reveal & surrender our deeper selves to each other & for that we are a stronger group. This is truly her gift and talent.
— - Lisa F., New York Life Insurance
Lainie is a transformational change agent - embodying and boldly living out her own call to serve and change the world- as she encourages and inspires her audiences to do the same. Thank you for your wisdom, passion, commitment & empowerment!
— Mary Beth Daniels, founder of Soul Celebration Sanctuary