How I Roll

These are a set of commitments for how I want to show up and carry myself through each moment, my unique #SOULSPARKLE. They are guiding principles for my life’s work and living into my soul’s full potential, traversing the spiritual path with practical feet. They are a distinct form of Sacred Art & (R)evolution. They are actions that will have a great impact not only on myself, but on all those with whom I interact. They represent the soul and anchor of what I am delivering to the world and will help me to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY ™ in all I do.

Stand in My Cause(s) - I come to each day through the lens of my cause, doing all I can to speak up and speak truth to power when injustice is happening. I stand for ending the rampant disregard of human life wherever it occurs. I deeply believe we are all precious and we ALL MATTER. Each and every one of us on this planet deserves the opportunity to live into our full human potential. I’m here to help make that happen. I aim to be socially impactful with my work in the world and to make a difference for those who need me most. I am clear and grounded in my mission to help free human souls to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™.

Do What Matters - I remain conscious, concerned, and outspoken about the things that matter the most, standing up for people, the planet, and reaching our full potential. I turn towards what feels juiciest, not allowing myself to get swept up in the tide of inconsequentials. I relentlessly check in and trim the excess and fat that are not helping me deliver my deepest gifts to meet the world's deepest needs. I stay true and aligned to my own soul and ground into Mother Earth each day. I am unapologetic about who I want to BE in the world. I bring purity of heart, integrity and great intention to all I do. Whether writing an email, cleaning the dishes, doing Reiki, taking a bath, writing a book, or speaking to thousands of people. I stay aligned with what is most true and good and beautiful. I move towards what is right and just and matters true. I stay in the present moment, fully ALIVE.

Relieve Human Suffering & Deliver Hope- I know that my liberation is bound up in yours, so I am helping to end suffering and the overt & covert violence perpetrated against women, girls, and the LGBTQ community. I am serving as a beacon of light, HOPE, love & encouragement in a troubled world. I am bringing healing to the broken places through beloved community, serving as an acupuncture needle on Mother Earth to create a vortex of love in action. I am advocating for the broken and living my life as Sacred Art. I am raising awareness & love in the world and monitoring my social impact. I am helping broken spirits heal so they can fully express their souls' truth fully and live into their potential for the good of all. I use my own story of emerging from deep darkness into the light as a tool for inspiration and catalyzing transformation. 

Serve Love Humbly - I am in service to LOVE and the beauty and fragility of life itself in all I do. I stay humble and grateful, deeply honored that I get to show up and do this work each day serving all those who need me most. I am aware that we are each standing on the world’s stage every day and in every moment. The questions that I ask of myself and others continuously are: “Whom will you show up as? Will you sound your voice? What will you say? How will you serve?” Overall, I am serving the evolution of our consciousness & helping to make LOVE the new bottom line in our world. Along the way, I know that my #1 job is to teach and serve people. I am a servant leader not trying to amass a tribe of followers, but a tribe of leaders who are rising, shining and soaring. I fiercely commit to BE LOVE, moment to moment: I want to insert love into every moment of my life, every opportunity, with every one I encounter.  We walk around each day in the most beautiful church there ever was, one without walls and limitless opportunities to show up AS LOVE.  I serve Love as a commitment to share what is in my heart with another person no matter what -- to not close off, shut down, or limit what I give.

Practice Servant Leadership - I am a servant leader who takes care of my Beloveds first and foremost above all else. I maintain a deep connection with those I am serving, as well as a deep and genuine desire to help them solve their problems and reach their potential. Empathy and compassion are my driving forces as I challenge others to be their best selves and act with integrity. I strive to be a good role model for those I serve, a trusted advisor helping others to also live lives of integrity, compassion and service.

Remain Spiritually Rich & Reverent - Spirituality is essential to the survival of our species. (tweet it) Because of this, I am taking people to Spirit/God/the Divine (or whatever you like to call what is greater than you) unapologetically as I am, and remaining spiritually rich along the way, steeped in the sacred mystery and rooted in deep reverence. I believe in the preciousness of all human life. All I do is deeply meaningful and meant to create trust, safety, loyalty, love & greater light in the world. I am merging pop culture and the sacred, creating a spiritual elixir to help our modern world to shift Consciousness. I am bringing sacredness and reverence back to Daily life so that we can all WAKE UP and stay mindful. I am allowing my inner mystic & High Priestess to lead. I am a vessel here to serve Divine will. I feel the spirit inherent in all things -- even the buildings in NYC, and the ancestors of the land where we walk -- and communicate on that level of spirit. I act from this place.

Relate & Create -  These are the two most important things I do each day, and absolutely LOVE every minute of! I am a Sacred Artist  & creator through and through.  I make art and give it away: this is the core of my multimedia ministry. I show up in service through my creativity in surprising and unexpected ways. I find out what YOU want, what would most serve YOU and improve your life, and I go and create something to serve that deep need. My mission is to improve the lives of those I serve by providing massive value, useful information & deep spiritual tools for transformation so you can Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™. I always remember that my work is changing the lives of those it touches, keeping me motivated and charged up for the Sacred (R)evolution.

Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™- This is at the core of everything I do (so much so that I trademarked it!) I live life true to myself and my authentic soul essence in the world. I am unapologetically ME in all that I do, lasering in on what matters most and is essential.  I encourage the WOW factor of fabulosity, of bravely reaching our peak potential and vitality, of making life remarkable, and of living from our magnificent spiritual essence. I am enthusiastic in celebrating life, providing tools to unleash our full radiance & zest for total aliveness, regardless of how gorgeous or gritty that is! I remain like Lite-Brite, because struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.

Build Beloved Community - I am building engagement and trust through shared leadership. I am keeping it PERSONAL and focusing back on the interconnectedness of all beings, with all our relations. I am creating a tribe where people feel truly connected and care about each other's well being, tapping into something larger than themselves. I am envisioning, creating, building and believing in my own universe of misfits, sacred artists, rebels & (r)evolutionaries. I am guiding people into the loving and accepting arms of a Beloved Community so that they can live into their creative and (r)evolutionary potential in this lifetime. I am creating a caring, love-filled, safe, radically accepting and radical space for people to come together -- so that they can be seen, known and loved for WHO they are and where they feel safe to be themselves fully. I encourage their Divine light & unique #SOULSPARKLE to shine.

Create life as a Sacred Art - I am encouraging artistry & full soul expression, championing continued personal and spiritual growth & development in all I do. I am helping people to step onto the spiritual path and to walk it with practical feet. I am creating and holding space for others’ brilliance and WILDNESS  to emerge. Artistry is my authentic soul expression and soul work. I create and live my own life as a great masterpiece for the good of all. I walk my talk. I live my teachings. I live by example and hunger to grow and contribute with integrity, taking the work deeper as I go. I aim to be my best self and act with excellence at all times. I believe we are each unique imprints of the Divine: there will never be another us, so we must deliver our Divine Legacy in this lifetime.

Practice Unabashed Creativity - I believe that creativity is one of the core tools in the (R)evolution of LOVE & LIGHT that is upon us, that and our voices and BIGhearted lives. I use art as a tool for healing, connecting to the Divine, inner discovery and play. I infuse unabashed creativity into all I do, from my programs to my website to my SMM.  I know that the overall health of our mind, body and soul also depends on how free we are to express our full selves & let our creativity flow out into the world.

Stay Daring - I believe that one of the most courageous and daring acts we can do is live into the fullness of our being and continue to do so each day. My unlikely combo just happens to be Daring Style, Deep substance, and Divine SPARKLE. Our courage and bravery to be ourselves and shine bright in a troubled world is a superpower that will fuel the healing of our world. (tweet it) The world will be set free when we all fully own who we are, authentically-stepping into our soul’s truth and sharing those gifts with the world.

Radically Accept (myself and others) - I stay dedicated in my service to life and remain genuinely supportive and respectful of all people, embracing radical acceptance. May all my work be dedicated to the hope and vision of human beings living in total attunement and harmony within themselves and with all other living creatures. I bring awareness to the shades of ‘difference’ in our world, leading to the truth that we are actually all one, though we are also each unique expressions of the Divine. I know that we are all in this together and it is our responsibility to be the bridges, individually and collectively, that span the divides in our world. I see the Divine in everyone and everything that I encounter, and do all I can to cultivate it. 

Act as a (R)evolutionary Muse - I am a source of inspiration to (r)evolutionize our world along with all of its crumbling outdated structures. I move people in the direction of greater awareness and personal growth with disruptive philosophies for a new way of life & enjoying each moment to the fullest. I create frameworks for living fully ALIVE & embodied and serve as a magical & Inspiring force to drive personal, social & evolutionary change in the world. I believe in Whole System Transformation and creating the conditions for thriving at self-group-world- level.

Sassily Screw the Status Quo- I practice disruptive innovation while standing for what's right and true and beautiful and just. I am Unorthodox and renegade, reverently breaking rules, problem solving and pushing boundaries to create new paradigms -- especially for what ‘spiritual’ looks like. I do it all with SASS and a smile ;)  I am helping to open hearts and ignite a (r)evolution of LOVE & LIGHT in the world.

Let out the WILD - I am helping to heal the wounded aspect of our wildness in the world: our disconnection from the Wild & Divine Feminine, as well as the wildness of our own bodies. I am letting out my own wildest expression in service to the world. I allow my creativity and soul essence to be wildly liberated in all I do, letting my full expression out, not hiding behind shame or fear or resistance. Allowing my truth, and the full light of who I am, to emerge fully. Like a wildly colored parrot in a sea of sparrows, serving as their champion & catalyst to be free & follow their inner truth.

Champion the Underdog - I serve as a fierce advocate and outspoken voice for the voiceless. I am helping everyone on the planet know that they MATTER, especially women & LGBTQ community. I stand with the outsiders like Jesus did, asserting that we are each unique imprints of the Divine regardless of our circumstance, privilege or access. I move from the deep stirring within to serve other struggling souls. I have compassion for those struggling souls and create maps for them to improve their situations. I hold a grand & Divinely guided vision for my message and the ripples of healing it will create.

Honor the Gift of Embodiment - I know that my body is a Divine vessel in this world, an earth suit that allows me to be here now at this most powerful time in human history. I remember and honor her in all I do, not pushing, or forcing, but remaining grounded and in the flow. I put my self-care & soul care first, filling up my energetic tank, knowing that I cannot serve from a place of depletion or with my tank only half full. The soul is ‘a chalice for beauty to pour out into the world.’ Whatever my focus, I give my whole being. I acknowledge the whole person and her lifestyle together, advocating for holistic wellness. I believe in continued learning, growth and development to move towards aliveness and full-bodied engagement with the world. I am a fierce advocate for soul care so that we can show up fully in our work and in the world.