My mission is to free human spirits...

...that have been squashed, dimmed or told "you can't" by the world around them. I aim to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and be more of who we really are by unleashing our creativity and capacity to shine once again. I am guiding us to become leaders of change & design – in our own lives, our communities and the world – so we can sparkle shamelessly with our full authentic soul expression and live into our peak human potential in this lifetime.  Together, we can help mend our broken world by finding that place where our deep gifts can meet the world’s deep needs.

For Evolution of Self = (R)evolution of society.

I have received the evolutionary call to be a ‘Global Midwife for the 21st Century,blazing a heart-centered path for individuals who have been told they are "too much" all their lives, who’ve turned down the volume on their own loud brilliance because the people around them didn't have the capacity to hold it – including myself. I speak to and for individuals who have been relegated to 'outsider' status, (fringe, queer, unconventional, unorthodox, interfaith, interspiritual, rebel) because we don't fit the status quo. I’m reminding us that we are perfect just as we are and perfectly enough, and that the world needs our unique gifts NOW more than ever.

We are worthy too. We MATTER.

Whether it’s women who’ve been ‘waiting on the weight’ to live fully, LGBTQIA individuals who’ve been shamed or bullied for being who they are, spiritually sensitive individuals who find it difficult to feel safe in our world, or society’s outcasts who feel they just don’t belong, I am helping brave souls to proudly claim their non-conformity and celebrate the parts that have been shamed. Instead of suffering in silence, this path allows us to re-focus our energies on creating our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all in our global village.

You can begin your journey here & get the support you need.

You’ll discover unconventional resources for awakening as well as teachings on the spiritual principles of radical acceptance & aliveness, holistic embodiment & presence, conscious evolution & transformation, and the art of creation & sacred activism via my youtube channel and live appearances.

Overall, I am committed to alleviating the pain, suffering and loneliness of others by bringing my blazing brave he(art) medicine to the broken places and serving as a sparkling beacon of light, hope, inspiration, love, courage, and support in a world that is so deeply in needI personally deliver my deep gifts working as a transformational catalyst with individuals and groups, creating visionary art & social impact media, serving as a plus size model, as well as showing up on the front lines as a humanitarian to transform the social inequities and injustices that dim spirits and extinguish inner sparkle, such as homophobia, racism, bullying, fat shaming, human trafficking, and more.

Together we are igniting a (R)evolution of love for self, other and our human family.

We CAN leave normal in the dust, sparkle shamelessly and shake the world! Won’t you join us?

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”
— Thomas Edison