Sisters! Welcome! Thank you so much for an incredible sisterhood circle on Saturday to ring in the New Year! I wanted to include our group photo here as well as some resources for you to continue the journey on your own. The recordings from our sacred day together are also below. Please do not share these with anyone else.

Since one of our sisters asked, I wanted to tell you a bit about the crystal in your medicine bundle gift at the end of the day. The pendant is a black tourmaline and it is used for protection of all kinds (physical, psychic, energetic, etc)! Also, one of my favorite places online to source animal medicine wisdom is Shamanic Journey.

Below I have included my color sheet to describe the meanings of certain colors as well as the workbook download for our sister who couldn't join us in person.

If you'd like to continue the journey and gather in sisterhood each month at the #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary, be sure to check out our upcoming 7 month Initiation into the Fierce & Sacred Feminine: Sovereign Sisters Rising! It begins on Feb 11th and will be a deep dive into your innate power, sovereignty and Divine authority!


For those of you who weren't able to be with us in person, this is a series of reflection and visioning questions to help you process 2017 and step into 2018 with clarity and purpose. Page 6 is specifically for the Your Soul's Calling Collage Process once you have completed it. Think of the finished collage as a wisdom teacher and give voice to it through the writing prompts. Just trust what comes!

After you've completed your collage, this color chart is a helpful reference tool to see the significance and deeper meaning in any of the colors you may have been called to in the collage making process. Remember that you are the ultimate wisdom keeper and all you need is within you already. These are just tools to help you access your own truth. Only use what feels resonant for you & leave the rest!


Qoya Heart's Desire Class

Since the recordings had some issues during Qoya, we are just including the playlist here for the Qoya Heart's Desire class that we moved through in the morning. After the second free dance (Desire) we created our own oracle divination cards for 10 minutes. Feel free to follow along if you know Qoya, or to just dance the songs in your body how they feel best to you! Know there's no way you can do it wrong.

Bonus Poster


And since so many of you are working on cultivating courage for 2018 I wanted to include this poster that I made several years ago that may serve to inspire you along the journey! It's 11.5 Unconventional Methods to Cultivate Courage. Download it below and bring it out as big as you desire!