Thanks so much for your purchase of the special offer package from the Sacred Stories Telesummit! I'm so thrilled that you're here Beloved. I hope that each of these creations serves you in creating your life as a great masterpiece and SPARKLING SHAMELESSLY in all you do. I look forward to our session together and to learning more about you and your unique gifts. Please find below step by step instructions for downloading each of the offerings and be sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom for more special offerings & announcements to come.

1. Deep Dive Discovery Workbook and a Two Hour Personal Session with Lainie Love.

  1. Download the workbook HERE
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2. I am Worthy Course

  1. Download the course guide HERE
  2. Visit the online homebase for the course HERE


3. Your Fabulous Future Self Meditation

  1. Listen to the Visualization
  2. Download it HERE

4. Sparkle Shamelessly Blessing

  1. Listen to the Blessing
  2. Download it HERE



5. Inspirational Art Screensaver

  1. Download it HERE

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