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After you've had a chance to dive into the kit, we’d so love to hear from you! Come on over and join us in our #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary Private Facebook group and let us know what your favorite parts were, any key take-aways, or aha moments! Looking forward to supporting you on the (r)evolutionary journey Beloved. ENJOY!!


Read THe Sacred body wisdom Book Chapter

The Great Homecoming is one of the core pillars of The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly. My chapter “Reclaiming Our Bodies as Sacred Sovereign Ground,” that appeared in the recent #1 Bestselling book from The New Feminine Evolutionary Series Book: Sacred Body Wisdom goes deeply into this. Click below to download your own PDF copy to read all about the Sacred (R)evolution® and Great Homecoming that’s calling! My shamanic healing art is also on the cover! Some highlights from my chapter include:

  • A snippet from my life story of gaining and loosing over 1300 pounds through yo-yo dieting, disordered eating and extreme body hatred

  • How I ditched dieting for DEEP NOURISHMENT instead and went on a profound healing journey that transformed my life inside and out

  • Seven of the sacred steps I took to reclaim my body as sacred sovereign ground

  • Wisdom around what the world is crying out for now more than ever

  • Sacred guidance on how to begin to heal from the overt and covert violence’s that are perpetrated against the sacred feminine today and especially women and girls bodies

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Self love flood meditation

I welcome you to my Self-Love Flood Meditation. Walking as LOVE in the World is one of the core pillars of SASS, so I congratulate you on taking this time for yourself to unwind and just be with the beauty of you and shower yourself with LOVE. You can use this meditation anytime you like, but it can be especially beneficial before going into a meeting, before a big speaking gig, when you’re about to make some art, or even before some sweet love-making or going on a date. It’s purpose is to Celebrate the magnificence of you and help you to step fully into this very moment where your power, potent love & full presence reside.


Take a CEREMONIAL journey with your ancestors…

This video is from an interview I did for The Art of Spiritual Living Online Retreat. I am sharing a powerful mini ceremony with chanting, an ancestors visualization and expressive arts process to create our own oracle cards. Being in sacred practice and reconnecting with our ancient roots is a core pillar of The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly that will help you to get in touch with your unique Spirit & inner #SOULSPARKLE. NOTE: The ceremony begins at 18:21 minutes into the video. You’ll want to have some markers and blank index cards before you begin.


Try the sacred slow down practice

The Sacred Slow Down Practice is one of my favorite ways to stay grounded and nourished. It’s a simple practice I developed to be able to step into reverence at any moment and tap into my ancient wisdom that I originally created for my Sovereign Sisters Rising circle. I have lots of other tools that I use to stay deeply nourished on my vlog too!


Free Dance to the Sacred (R)evolution Podcast

Dancing in Beauty is one of the core pillars of The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly! Plus I just LOVE to dance, whether it’s to take a break from working, to move stuck energy, to lead a Qoya Movement class or to channel joy out into the world!! Join me in dancing to some of my favorite tunes to help ignite the Sacred (R)evolution® and restore LOVE & reverence on my Spotify channel!



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Continue to deepen with The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly!

SISTERHIVE® is a sacred space for women identified individuals to receive deep nourishment, embodiment practices and sisterhood support so we can bring our love into action & nourish the soul of the world. In our SISTERHIVE® Learning & Practice community we delve into a different pillar of The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly each month. We also gather LIVE in sacred circle for both a virtual New Moon Ceremony and Qoya movement class via Zoom during each moon cycle. Members also receive a masterclass with a guest HIVE sister, access to our online sacred HIVE sanctuary & bonus surprises.

Join us in our beloved learning and practice community encouraging full soul expression, moral courage, planetary healing, & collective spiritual awakening? We are ambassadors of the sacred and protectors of the cosmic order within a global virtual village combining our power & effectiveness for the greater good. We are a Superorganism like the BEEHIVE, a womb, a hallowed chamber where we can drink sweet honey nectar to super power our sacred work in the world. Join us, siSTAR? We’re waiting with open arms for you!

We so hope you’ve enjoyed the #SOULSPARKLE Starter Kit! This is only the beginning of the magic that’s in store when you choose to connect in deeper with us, Beloved! Looking forward to supporting you on the (r)evolutionary journey Beloved. ENJOY!!

Come on over and join us in our #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary Private Facebook group and let us know what your favorite parts were, any key take-aways, or aha moments!

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