Do you ever get agita in front of the camera, preventing your true essence from shining?
Are you a new company in need of images that speak to the soul of your venture?
Are you a photographer looking for an extra edge in a competitive marketplace?


Spirit Styling is wearing your soul essence on your sleeve, brilliantly. It's about radiating authenticity, encouraging confidence, and bringing forth the Spirit. It's about teeming with gorgeousness from the inside out. It's allowing your inner light to shine through the stylish surface layers. It's about taking photographs and video that come ALIVE with the essence of who you really are. It's time to up-level your self-image and cultivate massive moral confidence so you can SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY -- inside & out.

Millennial & Teen Coach, Priscilla Munoz

Millennial & Teen Coach, Priscilla Munoz

I worked under the moniker “Elaine Van Hoorn” for several years, running an international avant-garde fashion label, organizing and participating in fashion shows worldwide, and also guest styling celebrities and models for photographers such as David LaChapelle and Sarah Small. Today, I have transformed that work into a healing & helping empire as “The Lady Gaga of Consciousness & Spirituality,‘ and one of my specialties is what I like to call Spirit Styling.

Having spent over 15 years in front of the camera in my styling, modeling & fashion career, I know how to seduce the lens. But it's really my role as a transformational catalyst that makes all the difference because I know how to seduce and bring out your soul essence too.  This powerful combo is precisely what makes for a priceless & ephemeral image that will last a lifetime. Not only will you possess radiant outer beauty and flawless style, but you'll dazzle and sparkle with an incomparable inner radiance.

I expertly coax out this inner light so it's in full alignment with your brand and you can shine through to your ideal audience, whether on the web, in print, or through other media. No one else in the world is built exactly like you. Just remember the amazing fact that you are completely unique, so let’s flaunt that! After all, the health of our souls depends on how free we are to express our full selves. You should be dressing for YOU ALONE. Not the girl next door, or on the next page of the magazine.

Most people need that edge. Just think of how unstoppable you'll be with me as your secret weapon… It's time to create your masterpiece. Spirit Styling will help you to:

UpleveL Your Style

Learn to up-level your personal style & self-image so you can turn heads whenever you walk into a room, shining radiantly with your full beauty and presence from the inside out. Learn the essential keys to claim your worth so you can sparkle shamelessly in the world with your full soul expression.

Stand in your power

Gain the confidence you’ve always wanted and learn how you too can feel fully happy in your own body. Stand in your full power. Take flawless photos for your media marketing so you can begin to magnetize your greatest desires and earn your worth in the world, with ease and grace.

Be fearless & Radiant

I'm your eccentric personal style maven to guide you to a place where you are undeniably confident, filled with spirit & light, gliding through life as an apparition of fearlessness & radiance. No more trying to look like women you see in the media & hiding your true beauty.

 respect your temple

Finally end the cycles of shame, abuse and self-hatred that have been plaguing you. Get the tools you need to fall in love with your Divine creature & respect this vessel that allows you to breathe each day. Learn to treat your body like the dine temple it is & lavish it with style that helps you shine!