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Faces of Our Ancestors Retreat

  • Easton Mountain Retreat 391 Herrington Hill Rd Greenwich, NY, 12834 United States (map)

I'm thrilled to be joining Yolanda Mapes & Glen Ganaway of Bearded Lady Productions for their upcoming Faces of Our Ancestors Retreat in upstate NY at Easton Mountain Retreat Center. Come join us in celebrating the ancient traditions of Halloween weekend, aka Samhain (sow-in), as we celebrate those who came before us and shaped our lives.

We define ancestors as the people in your life that have had the biggest influence on you. This doesn't necessarily mean your birth family- but of course it can. Whether they are old hollywood starlets, transgender luminaries, or radical activists, they have a place here. We are building a weekend of workshops and rituals that create bonding, community, safety and personal growth and development.

How many generations of your ancestors have worked with hope to make your life possible?

Samhain/Halloween is the time of year when many cultures celebrate and honor ancestors. It is a time when some think that the ancestors come back to visit us. It is a time when the veil between ours and others worlds are thin and when spirits can cross between the worlds. These are the ancient traditions that influence our trick or treating and wearing mask and costumes celebrations.

Through story telling, thoughtful spiritual inquiry, creative expression, learning about ancient traditions, workshops, deep ritual, and being fully present to the magic and mystery of our lives we will tap into and gather strength from our ancestors.

I'll be facilitating the workshop:


This is the most powerful time in human history, an "all hands on deck" moment where our unique gifts are needed NOW. Every one of us matters regardless of our gender, race, or creed and it is imperative that we reach our full human potential in this lifetime. In this two hour experiential workshop, learn how to unleash your authentic soul expression and ignite your personal power in order to fully be of service to our world that is so deeply in need at this time. Through heart-centered teachings, immersive exercises, deep inquiry & injections of moral courage, come awaken to the masterpiece that is your life and discover how to SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY with the fierce support of all your ancestors supporting you. We must remember that someone out there needs us. It's time to live our lives so they can find us.

Meet the facilitators

Early Bird Discount!

Experience the wonder and excitement of our very first retreat at Easton Mountain Retreat Center in Upstate NY for a discount price of $325 for my community. You may also create a payment plan with a $100 deposit which will lock in the discounted price. All food, housing, activities, workshops, hot tub, bonfire, spiritual gatherings and much more included in the price.


Friday: Meet n Greet, Dinner, Opening Circle/small groups/intention setting,
Story Telling/Personal Halloween Stories
Saturday: Meditation, Main Workshop/mask making/small groups, Nature Walk, Fire Pit/Sing A Long
Sunday: Meditation, Brunch/Talent Show, Debrief- large and small groups,Closing Circle/Show and tell.

Terrific food (vegetarian and vegan available), lots of laughs. By the end of the weekend you will feel refreshed and rested. You will feel connected in new ways to all the life around you. You will return to your ordinary life having had an extraordinary experience.


Transportation to and from Easton Mountain is not included. If you take a train or bus to Albany NY, we can pick you up at Rensselaer Station, Albany Station Building (with waiting room) 525 East Street Rensselaer, NY 12144

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