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Your Spirited Life Summit

I'm honored to be one of the 20 heart centered speakers on Your Spirited Life, a complimentary online event to inspire you to Nurture your soul, Embrace your feminine power and Create the life you desire!

Join us as we explore how to bring more Authenticity and Alignment into your life!

Throughout this free event, you’ll be inspired by myself and top experts to Consciously create a life that resonates to your dreams, your soul essence, your gifts. Be prepared for some inner shifting! Each expert will share tips and exercises so you can experience the gift of being fully and Authentically You!

You'll discover the key ingredients to a deliciously thriving life, including:

  • Authenticity: Discover your inner truth, and learn how to live it with clarity and confidence.
  • Alignment: Connect deeply with your heart and soul, so you become clear on exactly what you want.
  • Conscious Creation: Take only those actions that align with what you want, so you're always moving closer to a life that resonates with your dreams.

Sign up here to join us, and become the conscious creator of a life you love.