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Qoya at Sacred Brooklyn

  • Sacred Brooklyn 197 Clifton Place Brooklyn, NY, 11216 United States (map)

Qoya is based on a simple idea that through movement, we remember. We remember, as women, that our essence is wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice. Wise evokes the wisdom of yoga, wild the creative expression in dance and free invites us to expand our capacity for pleasure in the body. In Qoya, we focus less on how it looks and more on how it feels. There's no beginner, intermediate or advanced levels because there's just one level and that is when it feels good you're doing it right.  Qoya encourages a shift from seeking external validation on how you move and the tendency of waiting for correction or praise to see if you are "doing it right" to a place where you reclaim the innate ability to move the way that you want to move and feel a sense of inner validation that the fact that it feels good in your body is enough. 

More than feeling good, what if the movement you did felt true? The intention of a Qoya class is to remember the physical sensation of truth in your body.  Can you remember a time when you just knew something was true in your body?  You knew it like you knew the sun would rise tomorrow.  You could feel it in your bones.  Once you feel that connection to yourself through your body, the invitation is to set that feeling as North on your compass.  You practice this feeling, this sensation of authenticity and resonance, not just for an hour long experience in a Qoya class, but so that you can deeply trust yourself, and the feeling of truth in your body, as you navigate the journey that is your life.   The actual class is done while having an amazing time dancing, sweating, stretching, yoga-ing and connecting to other women with some good tunes to help guide the journey along.