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{REPLAY INSTANT ACCESS} Celebrating Our Unique #SOULSPARKLE Qoya Class

Join certified Qoya movement teacher Lainie Love for a replay of our live Qoya class from Thursday, March 14th to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Qoya movement in the world and to celebrate YOUR unique magic and #SOULSPARKLE too!

As the founder Rochelle Schieck recently shared, "Qoya is a safe and sacred space to explore your capacity to trust the physical sensation of truth in your body. This requires you to have the spaciousness to feel truth, and in the modern momentum tunnel of busyness and exhaustion, the truth of how we feel can be inconvenient. Truth is also quite persistent. Our more intense emotions can overwhelm us when ignored, like a tsunami; however, when we curate our life to have more daily practices to honor these experiences in their more nuanced and subtle forms, we can take better care of our needs as they arise. The better we can attune to our own soul and the more centered we feel in ourselves, the better we can show up to attune to the needs of the souls we share this world with."