Resources to Interpret the Medicine in your Sacred Art

Writing Prompts

Find some quiet space and time to sit with your Sacred Art from the collage process that we went through together. Get your journal and a pen ready, and then allow the collage itself to speak as if in first person in response to the following prompts:

  1. The gifts and wisdom that I have for you are...
  2. What I most want you to know for 2017 is...
  3. You can integrate these gifts by...
  4. What I most want to teach you about (x) is.... (insert anything that you'd like more information about: play, purpose, pleasure, power, etc)


Colors have many different interpretations, including the meanings associated with the chakras. This is a list of my favorite associations for each. Don't see your color on the list? Trust what your intuition has to tell you about it. Did you sense a different meaning from your color selection? Again, trust your body and your intuition! Remember, that it needs to feel good to you, and you alone.

  • Black: release, the unknown
  • Blue: clarity, communication, peace, trust, creativity, innovation
  • Brown: earth, grouding, the ability to produce
  • Gold: propserity,strength, courage, self confidence, the solar principle the masculine
  • Indigo: intuition, trust, feelings, clarity, vision, fearlessness
  • Maroon: sensuality
  • Orange: joy, sexuality, vitality, spontaneity, optimism, playfullness
  • Pink: love, compassion
  • Purpole: spiritualty, inspiration, leadership
  • Red: passion, energy, creation, stamina
  • Silver: wisdom, fertility, moursihment, growth, the lunar principle, the feminine
  • Turquoise: clarity, peace
  • Yellow: power, manifestation, will power, the itellect, logical thinking
  • White: purity

Animal, Earth & Crystal Medicine

Below is a list of some of my favorite resources for gaining wisdom from nature. Again, trust your own interpretation and intuition first, then you can lean into these for additional clues to the messages your souls is trying to tell you. Additionally, one of my favorite spots online to source power animal medicine is

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