It's time to Rise & SOAR! Are you with me?

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly.
— Jelaludin Rumi

While much of America seems to be getting more and more divisive, I'm going to be holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, greeting all I meet, exercising patience with others, and smiling at strangers. I'll do this every time I have the opportunity. I will not stand idly by and let children live in a world where unconditional love is invisible and being rude is acceptable.

Join me in showing love and respect to others. Find your way to swing the pendulum in the direction of love.️ Because today, sadly, hate is gaining ground. Love must begin somewhere and love will overcome hate. Imagine the difference if we each purposefully love a little more. (This is copied and pasted from my friend Gail Larson on Facebook, who got it from another friend. If you agree, you can also copy and paste it to your Facebook page so your friends may read and share it too.)

In other words, when they go low, we go high.

There’s a beautiful story about the Great Bird of Humanity I want to share with you. Imagine a giant graceful eagle flying through the sky, yet one wing is stunted and barely flapping, while the other is pumping furiously, overcompensating for the weakness of the other wing. Instead of flying forward, this bird is spiraling downwards in a circle, stuck in a pattern that isn’t serving its full power and grace. This bird represents the imbalance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in our world. It is wounded, and because of it, all of us are suffering.

I tell you this story because we are at a crucial point in human history, and ALL of our deep gifts are needed to help gracefully usher humanity into the next century and beyond. The world truly is experiencing a global awakening, and more and more people, especially women, are choosing to participate in this renaissance of spirit and substance.

I deeply believe that each and every one of us matters and that we’re here to DO something that matters. We’re all artists in charge of the greatest masterpiece on earth, our LIVES. We all have a Divine Legacy that we’re co-creating each day, all in service to the Great Cosmic Masterpiece. We must each add our unique stroke to this collective masterpiece, or else it will be forever lost.  (tweet it)

At this pivotal moment systems are crumbling, the levels of suffering are becoming nearly insurmountable, and we are deeply submerged in an age of separation. This age of separation is closely related to our alienation from nature, our own bodies and the sacred Feminine. The world is crying out for a balancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies, to heal the Great Bird of Humanity. Until we awaken to our interconnectedness with all beings, until we honor the spirit and Divine spark in all things, and until we act from this higher consciousness, we cannot heal.

While I believe in the fundamental divinity of human beings, I also recognize that we have embarked on a long sojourn of separation from that divinity, and created a world in which ruthless sociopaths rise to wealth and power.”
— Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics

The greatest result of this separation has been to sever us from our own souls. We are collectively starving for depth, meaning, and purpose. We have an innate yearning to give our gifts and to be of service to others -- to live into our soul’s purpose -- yet we have had our attention stolen by countless distractions from what matters most. We have had our power pushed down and our greatness repressed.  We want to help, but often fall into the trap of saying to ourselves, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” But as Margaret Mead has said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

The Heartbeat of Our Collective Experience

It’s time that we tap into that urge and inner power to deliver our gifts, so we can rise and soar. This is the heartbeat of the collective experience of being a woman right now. There is an uprising, a swelling, of all that we are and all that we’re meant to become in this lifetime. I know that you all feel it too! There’s a collective rising, facilitated by deep waves of healing, and a multitude of dances with the fire of transformation. We’re clearing away what no longer serves us or the Great Bird of Humanity so that we can soar once again. 

Join me for The World Awakening Summit where I’ll be delving into this along with 26 other experts in the personal development space.

Instead of falling prey to hatred and fear, we RISE UP to embody the values that our nation was founded on. We come from a place of deep heart, integrity and healing in all we do. We use our sacred NO when it’s needed most. NO. Not on my watch will this man become president of the United States. May our collective descent into depravity show us the areas that most need healing, ultimately bringing out our brightest light.

As Conor Friedersdorf said recently, "A bad actor can cause a scandal in any institution. The true test of core soundness or rot is how everyone else reacts to the depravity. Do they reject it or say it isn’t so bad?"

We are instrumental to each other's healing & the greater healing of the world at this time. (tweet it) We are here to serve as intricate mirrors for each other's greatness and brilliant light. We are stronger together, generating and enhancing our energy and social impact. We are being called to stand up and share our full light in service to the world, for struggling souls catch light from other souls that are fully lit up and willing to show it.

The pulse that I sense in and around me is that LOVE is yearning to be the new bottom line in our world.

I sense that the Divine Feminine is ready and deeply yearning for an equal partnership with the Divine Masculine. Here, I'm referring to the Masculine that is supportive, strong and clear, not the destructive patriarchy as represented in figures like our presidential candidate or greedy Wall Street bankers that are destroying our economy. The later is a false form of male power incapable of a true partnership with the empowered women that we are becoming.

Instead, I sense that the world is hungry for an embodied women’s leadership to heal the Great Bird of Humanity for the good of the whole. It’s our responsibility to the collective, for the Good of all, to deliver our deepest gifts. (tweet it) Someone out there needs us. We must live our lives so they can find us.

That’s why I was called to be here today. It’s why I do the work I do each day. And it’s why I’m writing my first ever political blog post. The bottom line...

As Michelle Obama said so fiercely, "We cannot afford to stay home on Election Day." There is only one choice now. Do the right thing. Remember that we're always #strongertogether. There is so much at stake in this election. Get over your frustration and depression and get your pussy (or your ass) to the polls.

I’m with Vogue on this one, "Two words give us hope: Madam President. (tweet it) Women won the vote in 1920. It has taken nearly a century to bring us to the brink of a woman leading our country for the first time. Let’s put this election behind us and become the America we want to be: optimistic, forward-looking, and modern."

In closing, I’ll leave you a message from The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers:

As you move through these changing times... be easy on yourself and be easy on one another. You are at the beginning of something new. You are learning a new way of being. You will find that you are working less in the yang modes that you are used to. You will stop working so hard at getting from point A to point B the way you have in the past, but instead, will spend more time experiencing yourself in the whole, and your place in it. Instead of traveling to a goal out there, you will voyage deeper into yourself. Your mother’s grandmother knew how to do this. Your ancestors from long ago knew how to do this. They knew the power of the feminine principle... and because you carry their DNA in your body, this wisdom and this way of being is within you. Call on it. Call it up. Invite your ancestors in. As the yang based habits and the decaying institutions on our planet begin to crumble, look up. A breeze is stirring. Feel the sun on your wings.

Let us show up where we are needed most

On this day of the Scorpio New Moon, during the time of year when the veil is the thinnest and we have deep access to our ancestors, I will be calling on them now, sending prayers for global healing and seeking guidance on how to be the change that we seek in the world and make love the new bottom line, truly.

Scorpio brings the energy of the Phoenix to this New Moon, allowing us to burn away any fragments that remain of the life, patterns and behaviors we wish to leave behind and be reborn from the ashes so that we can rise & SOAR.

I ask you to join me.

Let us pray, meditate and commune with one another in sacred space, to promote an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth, mend the wounds of separation and achieve a universal consciousness toward attaining peace and love for all. Let us show up where we are needed most now: at the polls, in our communities, and out in the world bringing our deepest gifts to help meet the world's deepest needs. Are you with me?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!!!