What is the Fierce Feminine...REALLY?!

The Fierce Feminine has been on the world stage these last few weeks in the form of hurricanes, wild fires, floods and more. Mother Nature is sharing her ferocious, wild and untamed self with us. Her pure raw and swirling life force energy. Theories abound as to WHY, from climate change to karma to the total solar eclipse.

But putting the WHY aside for now, I want us first to take a pause to share our deep compassion and put our love into action for all those affected both directly and indirectly by it all. On a personal level, my own childhood home was hit directly by the impact of Irma: my family and many old friends all live in Florida . Over the weekend I was feeling it all, sending as many prayers as I could generate from my own calm center within the eye of the storm.

But I also want us to look more closely and consciously at that energy and the medicine Mother Nature is offering us now, even through this.

Her Fierce Feminine energy in this instance was deeply destructive, but it also has the potential to be creative and deeply protective. Death and destruction always give way to birth and new life.

What if this is an invitation and opportunity for us to collectively birth a new world into being now?

What if this is a deep sign and omen that the way we've been doing things is no longer working for the sustainability of the planet and her inhabitants?

What if it's time to clear the canvas and start the masterpiece again?

I believe we are on a threshold now, going through a spiritual test that will help us bloom through into the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible: a kinder, braver and more just world where everyone’s basic human rights and dignity are respected and upheld. 

Take a moment to Imagine if that level of Fierce Feminine energy and power was channeled for the good of all ... the power and determination that literally changed the shape of the ocean as Irma did, pulling all the waters away from the shoreline. Imagine what would be possible.

I wanted to share more about what the Fierce Feminine means to me, as well as how we can apply it in our lives during these times of destruction and chaos.

Listen to this powerful interview I did with Carin Rockind of Purpose Girl to discover:

  1. What the Fierce Feminine REALLY means
  2. Why the Fierce Feminine is so crucial to harness NOW
  3. How to claim your own Fierce nature amidst the negativity & chaos, & wield it for the greater good
  4. The difference between being Fierce & being a (so-called) Bitch
  5. Three steps to move forward to ignite your own Fierce Feminine

Regardless of where you stand, we are at a crucial point in human history, and ALL of our deep gifts are needed to help usher humanity gracefully into the next century and beyond. The world truly is experiencing a global awakening, and more and more people, especially women, are choosing to participate in this renaissance of spirit and substance, eager to live into their full (r)evolutionary potential.

I like to think of these times as an initiation into our full radiance for the journey of whole system transformation before us now. It will help us to live our true creative calling and sacred activism in the world.

But to do so we must step up, my sisters!

These times we’re in require strong women, burning women, women who are channeling their fierce feminine, women who are wild and aren't afraid to stand up and say: no, not on my watch is this going to happen in my country, my hometown or in my community, to my brothers and sisters.

IFFW image meme 1 give yourself permission to be powerful.jpg

Yet, since the burning times, we have feared expressing our innate wildness and ferocity. We have tamed ourselves, kept ourselves small, not spoken up for fear of being burned. But the wild woman archetype is having a resurgence.

She is here with us now and not willing to put up with this s%@! any longer. Like the volcano Goddess Pele, she is erupting whether we’re ready or not, filled with fiery passion and righteous courage, seething with moral outrage, ready to make her mark on the world and play full out.

It's time to receive the kindling you need to ignite your inner Fierce Feminine flame. Join us in November in NYC for the invite-only gathering of sacred sisters, Ignite the Fierce Feminine Within.

This (R)evolutionary Weekend is:

  • Part High Priestess Healing Temple for Soul Growth
  • Part Guided Ceremonial Journey Into Your Power & Sovereignty
  • Part Cauldron of Transformation & Rebirth for Women Leaders

If you feel the call, we want to welcome you into the temple for an epic gathering of sacred play, deep healing, soul growth and alchemical transformation.

Come shed all that is no longer serving you so you can step into your full sovereignty and authentic power at this crucial time.