8 Reasons you’ll want to join us in SISTERHIVE®

1. Deep Nourishment

Nourishment isn’t just about food, it’s about overall sustenance for holistic thriving. Based on the bees overarching values of Love, Harmony and Balance, think of this as a collaborative experiment in nourishing our bodies, each other and our world. We are doing business, life and relationships in a whole new way. We are drinking the nectar and sweetness of the Divine, focusing on that which is generative, sustainable, fertile, alive and in the spirit of abundance FOR ALL. We are nourishing our vessels so we can fully channel our cosmic and Divine light in the world.  

2. Intimate Communion

Fierce Sisterhood & holding is a non-negotiable in these chaotic times we’re in. In out SISTERHIVE® Learning & Practice Community we’re are restoring intimacy, vulnerability, and sacred circling with a deep investment in being an intersectional, multicultural & multiracial sacred space. We are reawakening, remembering and coming home to our interconnectedness. We are calling forward our nobility of Spirit and holding each other accountable to that. We are collectively building an earth-based global sisterhood & SUPERORGANISM like the beehive. We are helping to restore the Sacred Feminine as the Queen Bee here on Earth and steward the return of ancient women’s wisdom.

3. Holy Homecoming  

Together we are tapping into the magnitude and magnificence of the human spirit to ignite a soul-led Sacred (R)evolution® of love & reverence for self, other, the planet and the Great Web of All Life with the medicine of reconnection. We are returning home to the land, our bodies, the body of humanity and the Eternal Beloved that we are. Overall, we are sparking a movement of sacred (r)evolutionaries, artists & rebels taking action towards massive personal & social change across the globe to help alchemize all of its crumbling outdated structures, systems and paradigms as well as the oppressions that have been keeping us from our potential.

4. Sacred Service

We are not hungry for what we're not getting; we are hungry for what we're not giving. We are moving from ego to essence in order to serve LIFE as radical sacred servants. The bees are a manifestation of Divine love on the earth plane. Let us be the same. We are living, breathing chalices of love in the world, overflowing with the unconditional, radiant, never-ending Divine nectar of love from our he(art)s. We live in complete devotion to the Divine, our deepest truths, #SOULSPARKLE, sacred work and why we’ve come. We are in service to the Original Mother just as the bees are. We are creating our lives as great masterpieces for the good of all with rigorous integrity as conduits of Fierce Love & Liberation.

5. Collective (Paradigm Shifting) Feminine Leadership

SISTERHIVE is a beloved learning & practice community encouraging full soul expression, moral courage, planetary healing, & collective spiritual awakening. We are bringing our gifts into being for the greater good in shared leadership. We’re moving from me to we, illuminating all the voices & medicine within this sacred HIVE. Together we create a magical forcefield, just as propolis acts as a force field for the bees. They seal the sacredness inside with it for protection. Here we do the same. We are the rebel midwives of love and a new earth here to serve as intricate mirrors for each other’s greatness and brilliant light. We are putting our heart force, life force, visioning/dreaming force, & creation force together towards healing and lifting up the world.

6. Collaborative Dreaming

We are re-creating the world anew just like the bees do each day, enlivening the ether. We are dreaming a kinder, braver, more beautiful world into being for the next 7 generations within our HIVE = WOMB containing the pure energy of love. We are birthing, co-creating and sustaining NEW LIFE. We are cultivating the creative LIFE FORCE, enhancing our generative capacities, and expanding our cosmic creativity. We are reclaiming our profound ability to create and give birth to new life, new conditions, & new dreams. We are activating the codes of Light of fierce feminine power and sovereignty, of embodied leadership, and of personal and planetary healing. We are creating a potent vortex of power in our gathering while holding fierce presence & intentions.

7. Shameless Sparkle

We are walking stardust and we hold different PRISMS of the Galaxy. We create a powerful matrix of light points across the globe as we gather, creating a brilliant energetic constellation of us shining brightly in the world - a star nation here on earth - like the beehive cluster & bee flights that connect a web of white light over the planet. We are coming out of hiding and SPARKLING SHAMELESSLY for the greater good, allowing our spiritual magnificence to come forth and the raw truth of who we are. We are LIT up, TURNED on, & BLAZING true. Most of all, we take a stand for deep nourishment and flourishing for all. We are Light-filled Beings moving towards living fully ALIVE and deeply engaged from a wild, full and open heart. We are cosmic servants devoted to Divine Light & LOVE.

8. Fierce Remembrance

We are creating a culture of women re-membered, standing in their Divinity, their full power and sovereignty, moving towards their full (r)evolutionary potential as embodied leaders empowering others. Women standing in ancient recognition. Women who have come home to their true essence. Women connected to the vast ancient memory of all who have come before and all who will come after. Healed, whole women who remember who they are and why they’re here at this most powerful time in human history. Women speaking their truth, following their he(art)s, and taking a stand for what matters most, showing up to serve those who need them most. Women being UNAPOLOGETICALLY who they are in the world without fear of burning or withholding.