This rupture will lead us to rapture, our very lives depend on it. (tweet it)


It's happening. RUPTURE. It seems that our world is crumbling before our very eyes. But I want to remind us that the Divine is here even in this contentious election, which has brought so much sadness and anxiety to so many. The divisive, polarizing nature of this campaign and its predictably disastrous fallout is our Rock Bottom. We’re hitting it. HARD & FAST, without a seat belt. This is what it had to come to for the shadow of America to fully be seen and exposed, and ultimately for us to be able to move through it and to grow well together again. For us to remember who we really are and to reunite as a great human community and family again. We have been living in a time plagued by small-mindedness, where not enough of us were daring to dream bigger dreams or hold our government to a higher standard. Now that’s all going to change.

In a way, I have to say I am deeply grateful and humbled that this is happening. If this is truly the antidote to the separation that plagues our world and will help us to heal and transform on a global scale, then I say BRING IT ON! It doesn’t mean it’s not going to be painful, even totally gutting at times. But we are resilient Beings, and our courage is needed now more than ever.

They say the brighter the light (of possibility), the darker the shadow. This is what we’re staring directly in the face now. This is how Spirit needed us to fall so we can rise again. This is the event we've been needing to WAKE THE F*$! UP.  This is indeed a Brave New World.

Yes, the old paradigm & story is grasping with its last few dying breaths, as the Divine Feminine is now making its final plan for the rising that has already been well underway -- all moving towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, and a fully EQUAL partnership with the Divine Masculine. A true time of UNITY is upon us: one country, undivided; one planet, protected; one global heart, beating as ONE. But for now, we’re all still suffering from some version of the wounds of separation, regardless if we’re conservative, liberal or otherwise. This deep pain is what’s driving all the violent and cruel actions that are out of alignment with our humanity. And this time of polarizing and Other-izing must come to an end for our survival as a species, to be replaced with the Feminine qualities of compassion, unconditional love, collaboration, openness and more.  

As Lissa Rankin so beautifully put it, “This is not a time to separate into “us” and “them.” We are all equal cells in the human body. We are all motes of consciousness joining together as drops into an ocean on this Planet Earth. If any one cell on this planet is sick, we must heal it.”

But as with all true transformation & healing, it’s probably going to get a little worse before it gets better. The fire is going to get a lot hotter and more intense before it comes to a steady sustainable flame...and it’s going to hurt like hell. But that fierce pain is what’s going to help keep our eyes and our hearts WIDE OPEN as we lead the fierce Love (R)evolution forward, Beloved. That fire is what’s going to help us burn away all that is no longer serving us so that we can arise from the ashes. This is our phoenix moment, our chance to write a new heroic story that serves the greater good of ALL living beings, not just the lucky few. It’s inevitably going to help us turn towards what matters most, and to live lives of great integrity, heart and healing. For it’s the only thing that will pull us through to the other side of this.

Rupture requires of us DEEP SURRENDER. I'm no stranger to this lately. Over the last two years, I was brought to my knees with sickness to help me clear my vessel and heal so that my greatness and full soul expression could emerge. I faced my own fire. Now I am on my knees for America.

The challenge in this is finding ways to hold steady in our light and the core of our being, standing firmly in who we truly are in the midst of the rupture and descending darkness. The difficulty is in Being LOVE in every moment, even when it might just be easier to call our new president elect an Orange Monster or Cheeto Face. The truth is that he’s still a human being, who is clearly in deep unconscious pain of his own. Every time we fall into a space of negativity, and move away from love, we reinforce the current paradigm.

As Kute Blackson encourages us, “Make a radical commitment to stop indulging in fear, especially your own. It takes the same amount of time to choose love as it does to choose fear.”

Our power in this moment is to stay awake and feel our emotions fully. It’s to stand fiercely in our love in every thought, action, and decision we make. How we live our lives matters, now more than ever. They are our great masterpiece, our opportunity to bring uncompromising beauty to the world. Together we are creating a great cosmic masterpiece. Let’s choose to move forward with our better angels leading the way. To not go into a space of spiritual bypass or numbing out, or reaching for cold comforts like alcohol or food or drugs or even suicide. If you feel yourself slipping, reach out to someone you love who can remind you of who you are. If you don't feel like you have that person in your corner, come to me. I'm here for you, Beloved.

We can't bypass the reality of what is in this very moment. Let's allow ourselves time and space to feel this fully in our bodies. Let's be with the messy and truly complicated emotions that are so essential to being a human on earth at this time, and then get to work. It is a great gift and a tremendous challenge, especially for us lightworkers, sacred rebels and (r)evolutionaries. Let's be gentle with ourselves and know deeply and truly that we are not alone.

Let us remember that enormous waves of unseen possibility arise out of the greatest storms. (tweet it)

Beloveds, this is the time we've been preparing for. All of our deep healing work, self-reflection, copious divination decks, women’s circles & sacred gathering, deep spiritual practice, crystals, and the sometimes-guilty-as-charged-leaning-into-spiritual-materialism-with-your-gorgeous-new-mala-beads. The moment is now to put it all to use, FOR REAL. Dress Rehearsal is over. The Show is on.


Our task is to use our righteous rage as kindling to fire us up for the crucial work we have ahead as LOVE & LIGHT workers in the world. (tweet it)

I’ve been sober for over a year now, and Tuesday night was the first time I’ve desperately wanted a drink since I quit.

The day after the election, I woke up after 3 hours sleep to the sobering truth of our new president elect. Upon hearing the news, my body became nauseated and went into shock waves like so many of us. I know I’m not alone in the rollercoaster mix of shock, rage, deep shame, fear, and anxiety, Beloved. I’m feeling you here too.

Yet the core emotion that was bubbling up inside of me was rage, FIERCE RAGE, especially at this blatant display of the deep seated Fear of the Feminine. Fear of seeing a woman in her power. The deep seated disregard for women and their bodies that allows a presidential candidate to admit to sexual assault & still get millions of votes (only reinforcing our already rampant rape culture). And that WOMEN, my American sisters, voted for him no less. Women that have been so brainwashed to undermine their own abilities, power and worth in the world by the very patriarchy and conservative white male populace that just took control of the government. The wool is so thick over their eyes they couldn't see the blatant truth staring right at them. And I don’t blame them in any way. I have deep compassion for them. They just don't know any better. YET.

And not only this, but a presidency that was backed by the KKK and Nazi party? WTMF?!!! Is it not 2016?

A sleeping Giantess was awoken from a deep slumber on Wednesday morning, and man was she PISSED. I was channeling a bit of Goddess Kali after hearing the news, perhaps. Blue head fuming, with blood dripping from an outstretched tongue. And the raging only continued, at the system that is no longer serving us as a whole, at the capitalist machine and unchecked greed for money & power that is eating us alive, at the disastrous impact of unconscious media and reality TV, and on and on. I was like a blazing fire over which someone had poured a bucket of kerosene.

Intuitively, I knew I needed to move my body, I needed to dance it up and out and through my vessel. I needed to feel it fully in every cell, so I could release it. I needed to dance hard and free and as wild as I could. I had to move the energy so it didn’t get trapped, to shake it out like we do in Qoya. I needed to scream and cry and rage, safely.

Luckily, I had tickets to a post-election Daybreaker event starting in an hour, and one of my favorite DJ’s was on deck, Tasha Blank. Music was going to be my antidote in this moment.  So I ran out the door and onto the most somber subway ride I’ve ever taken. Not even after 9/11 was the energy so heavy and dark. It felt like a full circle moment with hate at center stage.

That morning at dawn Tasha reminded me that God is a DJ, and boy is she needed right now. We came, we danced, and we remembered -- who we are, what we stand for and the vision of the world we want to create. Through music and coming together in Beloved Community, we had a deep moment of healing, even in the darkest of times. This video was taken just moments before I was graced with the power of a giant bear hug from the 200 other beautiful souls I danced with that morning.

I am still holding onto that profound gesture of our shared humanity, fiercely, with every ounce of my being. It has been my life raft in this flood of hatred. I’m still savoring the feeling of all that loving energy pulsing through us in that moment, bodies pressed up tight with tears streaming. Basking in feeling the TRUTH of who and what we are. It was deeply profound to revel in our ability to open our hearts just a little bit more even when they're breaking. (tweet it)

When I left that morning, I didn’t realize my heart could break any more than it already had.  But the the levels of cruelty, disconnection, fear, separation and desperation that have taken root in the last 72 hours are utterly soul-crushing and seemingly insurmountable.

From flag burnings to hate crimes to death threats to an increase (ALREADY!) in LGBTQ youth suicides, this has got to stop. We're barely breathing when our hearts are this shut down. 

“Where is the humanity in this,” I thought? “Where is our decency? How have we moved so far from the truth of our oneness and connection with all of Life?”

I have to admit that my own unshakable optimism took a serious hit, but resilient is my middle name.

Yes, there is a time and a place for outrage. We must process it fully and release if from the body. But, we must be mindful to not let the rage get out of control and spin us into a frothy pit of negativity, hatred and despair (fueled by the constant stream of social media drama).

Charles Eisenstein warns us why in his powerful article on Hate, Grief and the New Story: "Anything becomes possible with the collapse of dominant institutions. When the animating force behind these new ideas is hate or fear, all manner of fascistic and totalitarian nightmares can ensue, whether enacted by existing powers or those that arise in revolution against them.”

We need to channel this into righteous rage and use it as kindling to fire us up for the crucial work we have ahead as LOVE & LIGHT workers in the world.

Because of this, I am more fired up now than ever in my mission to help free human spirits that have been marginalized and oppressed to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™, especially women and the LGBTQ Community. By dismantling old systems, ideas, and ways of being that dim our inner #SOULSPARKLE, promote separateness and limit our full evolutionary potential, I vow to help us release all that no longer serves so that we can create our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all. By reminding us all of our inherent Divinity within, I’m passionately committed to ending the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies.

It is this fierce light and love that is going to help drive out the darkness…..Each of us bringing our unique radiance and spiritual magnificence forth is going to help heal our world. That is what’s needed now. And I promise to do all I can to serve this effort. To bring education, empowerment, sacred art, beauty, hope, inspiration and of course SPARKLE into the world wherever I can.

And I know I’m not alone.

Not only do I feel this way, but many of my dear friends and fellow spiritual leaders are already banding together, gathering the troops for a massive LOVE offensive, and visioning a new world into being. We’re dreaming bigger dreams so we can end this illusion of separation that has taken over temporary occupancy in our world. (tweet it) We're not going to stand by and let hate poison our nation. We're going to create a force field of love so fierce that nothing will be able to ward it off. A Sacred (R)evolution is upon us at the individual, collective and global level ...Thank Goddess!


The simplicity of our purpose now is to be in service to fierce love. (tweet it)

The one thing that is undeniable in all of this is that we have been in a deep slumber globally. There’s a lurking reality that lies just beneath the capitalistic shiny surface veneer of wealth and success... we live in a violent, racist, imperialist, patriarchal, homophobic country that was founded on genocide and slavery.  But luckily there is an awakening that’s happening. A quickening. There is a force field of fierce love & blinding light that’s coming into formation (thanks Beyonce) ;)

For as our brother Martin Luther King, Jr. reminds us, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

And if LOVE & LIGHT is too woo-woo or New Age for you, call it empathy, call it compassion, call it HUMANITY (defined as the quality of being humane, kindness and benevolence.)

Whatever term you choose, the root of this non-violent, Sacred (R)evolution is to allow love to pour into the world through us. It is allowing love to heal the divisions in the world through us. It is allowing our full radiance and inner light to come forth through us. There is no leader who is going to do this for us. We need to remember to empower ourselves and each other. No one else is going to be the presence of love if I'm not, if we’re not, collectively.

Peace geographer, Joshua F.J. Inwood, fortifies this idea in his article Why a Fractured Nation Needs to Remember King's Message of Love, "As outlined by Martin Luther King Jr., the role of love, in engaging individuals and communities in conflict, is crucial today. By recalling King’s vision, I believe, we can have opportunities to build a more inclusive and just community that does not retreat from diversity but draws strength from it."

I ask that you join us, Beloved, regardless of your political leanings, where you live in the world, or what race, nationality or gender you identify as. We’re all in this together. It’s time to step up and serve this Sacred (R)evolution of Love & Light. To evolve into a new species, Homo Luminous, emitting our blinding radiance for the good of all.

As our sister Jacqui Lewis reminded us in Love Now More than Ever, ”We need to dig deep and think right now: What would LOVE do? What would Love say? How would Love organize? How would Love look for allies? How would Love behave toward those who didn’t vote like us?”

Make no mistake, we WILL rise, and we DO have massive amounts of work to do (and mountains ahead to climb in heels and #onfleek) (tweet it)

This is the time for creatives & healers and visionaries to show the way. What I like to call Sacred Artists, (R)evolutionaries and Rebels. We’re warriors of he(art) & spirit here to guide you in the new way to live, love, lead, serve & SPARKLE. We’ll show you how to dream bigger dreams that can transform the very fabric of our society. We’ll show you the power of a force field of LOVE & light instead of hate and fear.  We’ll show you what it really means to be a presence of love and peace and healing in the world. We’ll show you what’s it’s like to exist as a beloved teaching and learning community encouraging full soul expression, moral courage, planetary healing, & collective spiritual awakening amongst its brothers, sisters, queers & otherwise.

We are fearless agents of change, not waiting for a miracle, but turning our love into action today to sculpt the course of history and our world by moving our society away from self-destruction, greed, ignorance and hatred that have led our planet to be polluted with numerous cancers.

We PROVOKE. RISK. STAND UP. STAND OUT. POKE. INNOVATE. DISRUPT. MAKE A RUCKUS. CONNECT with our sacred art that comes in the form of entrepreneurship, sacred work, conscious entertainment & media, social organizations, NFP's, impact investing, unconventional creative endeavors and more. Through these businesses and our lives we are building bridges between the possible and the seemingly impossible.

Join us Beloved! It’s time to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™ for the good of all!

The Top 15 Essentials for this Sacred (R)evolution a.k.a. what's needed now more than ever:

  • FIERCE LOVE! My friend Meggan Watterson put it so well: “we know how to love larger and louder than any divisions.” This is a time for BIG-hearted living, for Loving fiercely, everywhere, anywhere, anyone, everyday, for sending metta/loving kindness meditation to Trump himself. It’s time to come from a place of deep love even in the darkest of situations and moments, to give hugs to strangers and loved ones and even our perceived enemies. The positive aspects of Kali are needed now - the ferocity of her sword cutting through the bullshit of illusion.
  • Consciousness raising & education- As Albert Einstein taught us, We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. “ This is a time for educating. Ourselves. Each other. Our communities. In order to usher humanity away from the old paradigm that is no longer serving, and into the future that awaits this planet. Education on empathy, compassion, spirituality, understanding, radical acceptance and any other tools that can help us to mend the great divide.
  • Beloved Community & Support - This is a time to galvanize and rise up together, to spend time with people you love, to gather with like-minded souls, to join in sacred healing circles, to spend time basking in our oneness and connectedness as a human family. It is a time to practice radical inclusivity, to weave fierce support systems, especially for those individuals that are marginalized. This is a time to surround yourself with others who have walked through deep darkness and know how to get back to the light. Join our #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary online community for hope, love & encouragement in our troubled world and tools to help transform at the individual, group & global level.
  • Bridge Building through Compassionate inquiry - This is a time to ask, “what is it like to be you?” of everyone you meet as a way of building understanding and empathy. Get out of your bubble and dialogue with Trump supporters, Hillary supporters, Bernie supporters, even those who didn’t vote at all or voted for Mickey Mouse. Deeply listen to them, heart to heart. This is a time to find out where our brothers, sisters and queers are coming from and to walk a mile in their shoes.
  • Solidarity - This is a time to show solidarity to those who are most afraid and fearful for their own lives or those of their families or communities. This is a time to sport symbols that communicate that silently, like wearing a safety pin to show others you’re a safe space for them to land.
  • Political Action - This is a time to engage politically and otherwise, to volunteer your time to the causes you care the most about. Opting out is the same as numbing out. This is a time to get informed, participate in your local government, know your rights, sign petitions, start petitions, and help shape the course of history.
  • Power -This is a time for conscious & spiritually mature people in positions of power and government who are coming from a place of love. This is a time for more women in power, women who have done the deep healing work to own their full worth in the world, those like Marianne Williamson who ran for Congress. This is a time for people power, not allowing ourselves to be blindly led by authority, but standing up for what we believe in so that someone else isn't determining our fate.
  • Hope -This is a time for both Hope and Faith, which is are intricately connected for me. Without having faith in a greater Divine plan that's unfolding, it's hard to have hope. Breakdown has to happen for breakthrough to occur. (tweet it) This is a time when faith & any shreds of hope we can muster will be one of the pale few lights to get us through the dark times ahead.
  • Creative Collaboration This is a time to put our heads together to create innovative solutions for healing and mending the fabric of our society, and meeting the world’s deepest needs. This is a time for global think tanks and meetings of the mind and heart, for artists to wildly create, for poets to remind us of what matters most, and for musicians to move our souls, TOGETHER. Like the incredible group poem below.
  • Deep Nourishment - This is a time for deep and vigilant self care to fortify you for the journey ahead. It’s time for nourishing foods, movement, spiritual practice and prayer, laughter and play, and time with dear ones and family. It’s a time to be vigilant when any urges arise to reach for the cold comforts of alcohol, drugs, sex or overeating instead of being fully present to what is.
  • Bravery - This is a time for bold and brash BRAVERY, to feel the fear and do it anyways, because we can’t not act. We know we’re playing the long game. This is a time to pick yourself. No one else is coming. Don't wait for someone to you permission to finally step into your purpose, power and potential. We are the ones we've been waiting for.
  • Clarity - This is a time for spiritual maturity -- to know who you are and what you stand for from a place of deep heart and integrity and to stand strong in that in all you do, say, and deliver to the world. To engage in personal & spiritual development on a regular basis for the health of our world.
  • Inspiration - This is a time to seek out inspiration that moves you and keeps your spirits high, including books from the greats, like Nelson Mandela, Victor Frankl, Ram Dass and others who’ve been through the darkness and can remind you of the light on the other side.
  • Beauty -  "In times of dread, artists must never choose to remain silent" (Toni Morrison). This is a time  for beauty through Art, gestures of human kindness and ritual happenings as a part of our healing process and awakening. Moments of beauty can be a salve for the wounded soul. Check out my gallery for some new shamanic healing art to inspire and bless you.
  • SHAMELESS Sparkle  - This is a time to unleash our full radiance, to step into our purpose and most authentic soul expression in the world, to heal our wounds of self worth and evolve for the good of all. Begin the journey today with my new FREE 13 day course, the #SOULSPARKLE Starter Kit
  • DANCING - This is a time for dancing, and other modalities that can help us to stay grounded here on earth and embodied for the journey ahead. I included an inspirational LOVE (R)evolution Playlist for you HERE to get MOVING!
Subway therapy in NYC, A Wall of love, art & inspiration

Subway therapy in NYC, A Wall of love, art & inspiration

Now that I've shared mine, what are the essentials YOU'RE bringing for the journey, Beloved? Please share in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sending out some clear calls to action (as well as copious beauty, hope and inspiration) for everyone in my community to get on board, step into your full purpose and potential for the good of all, and join the Beloved Community that Dr. King set out to bring about so long ago. Stay tuned and sign up below to join us! We CAN mend our broken Washington D.C. and our world, one loving gesture at a time. Know you’re safe with me till then.

Self-actualization is no longer a luxury, it is an imperative. (tweet it) I’m here to help, with every fiber of my being. It is an honor to serve this collective WAKING UP. It’s time.

Because YOU MATTER! The truth is that we need you now more than ever AND your deepest gifts to help heal our world. We’re counting on you to step up. This is what we’re made for. This is why we chose to be here on earth at this most powerful time in human history. And now IS the time. If you had any doubt before, let it be burned away by the urgency of the situation we now find ourselves in. If you need some inspiration, call on Goddess Kali from above: her presence is here more strongly than ever. And I'm here for you too, Beloved.

Reach out if you need anything at all. Comment below. Share what’s on your heart. Know that I see you. I love you. I honor and value you. I stand for you! And I'm holding you in a warm loving embrace. Remember we will always be #strongertogether.


Signing off from the front lines of the Sacred (R)evolution.


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