Episode 003: THE DEEP WISDOM OF BEES with Bee Advocate Melissa Bee

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The Deep Wisdom of the Bees

featuring Bee Advocate Melissa Bee

Episode 003


In this interview I’m in conversation with a dear soul sister, bee advocate Melissa Bee! In it she shares her extensive wisdom on the bees and reconnecting with Mother Earth including:

  • The medicine of their “Sacred Dance”

  • the essence of collaboration and cooperation

  • Melissa’s own personal practices to nourish and connect with nature

  • Practices to tap into the Earth Mother’s Abundance

  • Healing lessons we can learn from Bees

  • and so much more!


Melissa Bee has spent her entire life exploring the boundaries of science, eco-psychology, and spirituality. The more she learns, the more she appreciates how blurry those boundaries can become. Whether she's working with children, families, adults, animals, plants, or the unseen energies of the natural world, she seeks to use the power of ritual to enhance our sense of sacredness in everyday experience. In addition to presenting and offering workshops, Melissa is the co-creator of the Sacred Isle of Bees and Creatrix of Aylatree.