Episode 009: TAPPING INTO THE WISDOM OF THE BODY with womb whisperer Phoenix Na Gig


Tapping into the Wisdom of the Body

featuring womb whisperer Phoenix Na Gig

Episode 009


In this interview I’m in conversation with one of my dear soul sisters, womb whisperer Phoenix Na Gig. In it she share:

  • her own (r)evolutionary journey that led her to her sacred work in the world as a womb whisperer and listening deeply to the wisdom of the body

  • The power of coming together in ritual & ceremony in her own life & sacred work

  • How tapping into ancient sites and the rituals that have happened there over Millenia has helped to super power her work & life

  • her recommendations to help you reconnect to and listen to the wisdom within your own body


Phoenix Na Gig has been working with the Sacred Feminine for almost a decade with women in Britain and worldwide. Remembering the nature of our womb consciousness, she is part of the ushering in of a new paradigm of awakening feminine nature on the planet. She is fascinated by both the history and the contemporary embodiment and re-emergence of women's wisdom as a journey to healing, balance, wellness and power. You can find her at https://www.goddessrocks.co.uk