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Ignite the Fierce Feminine Within LIVE Immersion in NYC

Ignite the Fierce Feminine Within, is an NYC Weekend Immersion like no other with transformational catalyst & embodied leadership mentor Lainie Love Dalby,...It was conceived as a cauldron of transformation & re-birth for emerging women leaders, entrepreneurs, healers and trailblazers to shed all that is no longer serving them so they can step into their full sovereignty and authentic power at this historic time.

On the first weekend in November, during the Full Moon in Taurus, 50 called women will enter into a High Priestess healing chamber of sacred sisterhood to fortify and strengthen ourselves to be the women we’re truly capable of being in a world plagued with the illness of patriarchy.

Come ROOT to RISE.

Each woman will be heeding the deeper longing of her soul at this time to heal, grow and transform in order to participate in the regenesis of society that is beckoning us now. Like angels over our shoulder whispering “Grow, Grow, Grow!” our Higher Self & (R)evolutionary potential are waiting for us to claim them, so that we can step in and Sparkle SHAMELESSLY®. Calling on the power of our ancestors and those that came before us, we will be weaving a potent womb space to birth our unique medicine and #SOULSPARKLE through deep ritual, powerful ceremony, depth inquiry, shamanic journeying, movement, expressive arts, wisdom of the ancient women’s ways & guest healings (including Dance of Liberation, Qoya, Sound Baths, Angelic Breath Healing, Aromatherapy and more).

The body is a portal to our power, especially as women.

Over the course of this three day guided ceremonial journey, we will dive deep into what matters most and awaken the Wild Warrior He(art) within who’s ready for her global resurgence. Welcome into this INVITE-ONLY temple of Sacred Play, Healing, Growth & Transformation, sister.  Come shed all that is no longer serving you so you can step into your full sovereignty and authentic power at this historic time.

Collectively, we will be helping to restore cosmic balance by gathering in Beloved Community to remember who we truly are and why we’re here, creating an intentional acupuncture point on Mother Earth that will send out vibrational waves of healing and transformation across the planet. Join us October 26th thru 28th in NYC!

Forces of Nature, Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs, Cultural Creatives, Healers, Witches, High Priestesses, Artists, Teachers, Mothers, Closet Mystics, Sacred Activists, Potential Politicians, Shamanistas, Wild Women, Visionaries, Trailblazers, Rebels, Challengers of the Status Quo & overall Badasses:

This is for you sister!