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The Fierce Embodied Goddess Qoya Series

We women are being called now to stand in our full force and fiery feminine power to help heal our individual hearts, as well as the collective global heart. We are being called to ARISE into our full power & potential for the good of all. Gathering in sacred sisterhood circles and tapping into the energies of the Fierce Feminine are essential to our ability to join this collective tidal wave of change. We need to encourage, uphold and support one another on our respective journeys to help achieve our individual and collective (r)evolutionary potential. The truth is that we are stronger together, generating and amplifying our energy and social impact.

That’s why we’d LOVE you to join us for Lainie Love Dalby’s Fierce Embodied Goddess Series, featuring:

Hindu Goddess Kali - Death & Rebirth (October)

Greek Goddess Athena - Inner Wisdom (November)

Earth Goddess Gaia - Source Creativity (January)

Hindu Goddess Lakshmi - Fertile Abundance (February)

Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid - Feminine Flame (March)

Hawaiian Goddess Pele - Primal Power(April)

Starting in October 2018 we will gather in sacred circle close to the Full Moon each month, to explore the archetypal embodiment of these Fierce Goddesses and their powerful energies & transmission. Each immersion will incorporate Qoya movement, expressive arts, ritual, ceremony & the mirror of sacred sisterhood. Come enter into a container of deep healing, sacred play, soul growth & alchemical transformation so you can step into your innate power & embodied leadership potential. Leave feeling more comfortable in your own skin and expressing more of your full radiance in the world, ready to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® for all to see. In other words, come as you are, and leave as MORE of who you are!


  • Come be seen, loved unconditionally, accepted & celebrated for the truth of who you are

  • Reconnect deeply with your body as well as your wild, primal & instinctual nature

  • Release what is no longer serving you & take a stand for what matters most

  • Embrace the healing power of the deep & sacred feminine mysteries

  • Be the change you wish to see in the world by doing the necessary inner work on yourself first

  • Remember who you truly are and why you’re here at this most powerful time in human history

  • Return to your inner truth, soul’s purpose and full radiance ... no longer hiding, but instead giving yourself permission to SHINE!