Scott Dinsmore: Forever living on through his legend...

In honor, memory and celebration of Scott Dinsmore and his beloveds.

I am saddened that this blog is written under such tragic auspices, but as many others have said, it wasn't an option NOT to write something in honor of such an amazing man that I was blessed to know.

Some of you may have heard me talk about Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend, in one of my workshops, courses or talks. Or perhaps you've seen his super popular TedX talk. Or likely you know someone who was impacted by his work in the world that helped them to live their passion instead of just going after a paycheck. He was a great inspiration to many and our paths crossed more than once, but the last time was unexpectedly at World Domination Summit in Portland in 2013 just one week before my wedding. For he is no longer with us on this plane.

Scott died at the young age of 33 earlier this month while living his legend, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a worldwide tour with his wife Chelsea, in a freak rock slide. I found out the news right after it happened, but was honestly too shocked and in disbelief for the long sorrowful days that followed. I leaned into Spirit knowing that there is a greater plan, that Scott did indeed Live His Legend and that he will go down in history as doing such. If anything, it may even strengthen his incredible movement. However, whenever a radiant soul leaves us seemingly too soon, it leaves us rocking and reeling, queasy on the uncertain waters of our world.

Jesus also died at 33 and look at how he impacted the world in that short time…(tweet it)

We can never know when it's our time to leave this plane of existence, but we can live fully in each moment and choose to unleash our full soul expression in the world. None of us are exempt from hardship and suffering. It is an essential and integral part of life. We can go into magical thinking so easily if we're doing 'God's work', our soul work, believing that we're safe. But nobody gets a pass on death. It is the inevitable and mysterious fate that will meet us all.

When those we love and admire leave us too soon, we will inevitably suffer. And all we can do is hold those who were dearest to Scott in our hearts and send them love and strength to get through this incredible heartbreak they're in.

There is no greater reminder to truly LIVE fully, NOW

Though, his early transition does leave me with many questions and ponderings about living our soul path & bringing our full authentic expression to the world, and the grave importance of doing so NOW, not later. Part of me wants to rush out and scream from the rooftops, but I know my body needs quiet, calm and turtle medicine now so I must respect this path while holding the desire to rush into GO BIG or go home with my own soul work in the world.

But when it comes down to it, there is no greater reminder to truly LIVE fully, here-now-in-this-very-fertile-and-juicy-moment, than death. (tweet it)

We have been given this precious moment, this wild and wondrous life on earth in this most powerful time in human history. The grave question is what are we going to do with the opportunity? How are we going to fill our tiny delicate moments? How are we going to choose to spend our days?

Scott's early transition only heightens my belief in the importance of living into our full soul expression NOW, not later, and truly living our dreams and our legend in this lifetime. Our lives are waiting to become great masterpieces for the good of all. His story begs us to get rid of all that isn't serving us so we can truly be the change we want to see in the world. To dance with resistance and desire and chutzpah and consistency in showing up fully for the party. Not waiting, but boldly going forward with courage and determination.

This is what Sparkling Shamelessly for all to see looks like...

Scott didn't know his time here on this plane was limited, but he DID live every day to the fullest anyways
Scott didn't know that the Mountain he dreamed of climbing would take his life, but he DID possess the fierce courage to climb it anyways.
Scott didn't know that his once little hobby blog, Live Your Legend, would become a global movement, but he DID forge on anyways expressing himself fully and sharing his passion with the world.
Scott didn't know that his own personal legend would live on, but he DID walk his talk everyday anyways

These are all true hallmarks of someone living their greatness each and every day. Won't you live into yours for us?

Jonathan Fields said it best, "He was like a kid on a quest to build the coolest sand castle in the history of all sand castles, and all the world was his sandbox."

Let this be a reminder for us to PLAY each day, to allow ourselves to be lit up by what we love, and to treat life as the precious gift that it is. Each moment is a sacred container that we can choose to fill with our greatness & buried inner gems. (tweet it) Let's light up the world with our own internal acre of diamonds for the good of all. Like Scott, let's build our own sandbox, the sandbox that only we can build. The world is waiting for us dear heart. Let's give em all we've got!

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