Thirteen Ways I’m Going to Make Life Extra-ordinary in 2019

I believe that it’s time to make our lives a living prayer for a better world. What better time to start than the turn of the year?  

My invitation to you this year is to tap into the magnitude and magnificence of the human spirit and remember that we’re not hungry for what we're not getting; we are hungry for what we're not giving.

Growing and giving are two of the main areas in life that bring us the greatest fulfillment and joy. If we’re not growing, we wither and die like anything else in nature. And if we’re not giving, we become hardened and bitter, trapped in the lonely world of separation, self-absorption and ego. So consider making growing and giving priorities this year. Infuse this intention into everything you do. Ask how can I grow? and how can I give? in each situation and begin to look at your days as sacred containers to express your greatness, instead of just another day passing. Bring ritual and reverence to each task you take on, and make it matter so that you can activate the aliveness that comes from making a contribution.

Here are 13 ways I’m going to make 2019 extra-ordinary through the sacred art of growing & giving…

…while I continue with my mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed and devalued to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power. As well as helping to end the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent divinity within and helping to bring the Sacred Feminine back into balance in our own lives and the world.

Won’t you join me, [First Name]?

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  1. I will stay close to my theme for the year … I deeply desire to ROOT to RISE in 2019 so that I can remain firmly grounded, centered, nourished and in my full power and sovereignty.

  2. I will continue to come out of hiding and SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY® for the greater good, allowing my spiritual magnificence and the raw truth of who I am to come forth so that I can move towards living fully ALIVE and deeply engaged from a wild, full and open heart.

  3. I will be moving with the consistent inquiry in SISTERHIVE® of “what does it mean for me to be fully nourished?” and take action towards filling my chalice first each day. Then asking "How can all beings be nourished?"

  4. I will focus on continued sustenance for holistic thriving and deep soul care, instead of just basic self-care, so that I can walk in my awakened Divinity in the world, in a healthy, whole, meaningful and nourished way.

  5. I will tend to the body as a living temple and purify my sacred vessel for what wants to be birthed through me (especially the new BOOK I’m working on!) by continuing to tap into my innate rhythms & cycles, Moon wisdom, blood magic and more.

  6. I will continue to STAY CLOSE TO WHAT IS MOST SACRED by weaving ritual, ceremony & ancient wisdom into all aspects of my life. I will journey into the Great Mystery and live my life as prayer steeped in the sacred like the bees, with constant generosity, compassion, and communion.

  7. I will continue to do intentional practices that help me to SLOW DOWN, live a soulful life of consequence, cultivate mindfulness, and savor life!

  8. I will continue to focus on reclaiming my authentic power & SOVEREIGNTY from a deeply embodied and wholly nourished place and helping my Sovereign Sisters Rising to do the same.

  9. I will continue to unhook and disentangle myself from mass consciousness and steward the new earth, recreating the world anew and collectively contributing to making the world a better place for everyone in it.

  10. I will continue to ignite the fierce feminine flame of love in my heart and tend to it for a sustainable burn so that I can serve as a chalice of love in the world and a protector of the cosmic order.

  11. I will continue to whisper over your ear, exhorting GROW, GROW, GROW! Like the angels over the blades of grass in Kabbalah, with my spiritual and leadership development work.

  12. I will continue to tap into my superpower of creating containers of alchemical transformation - in-depth spiritual immersions, online courses, guided ceremonial journeys, & spiritual retreats - mixing expressive arts, Qoya movement, depth inquiry, spiritual teachings, modern shamanism, and ritual and ceremony to help us to be embodied in our leadership, alchemizing our potential, embracing our wholeness, and be unapologetically who we are in the world, sharing our deep gifts to help meet the world’s deep needs.

  13. I will help to ignite a soul-led Sacred (R)evolution® of love & reverence for self, other, the planet and the Great Web of All Life with the medicine of reconnection through all of my sacred work in the world, (especially the Sacred (R)evolution Podcast coming later this month). Overall, I will work towards sparking a movement of sacred (r)evolutionaries, artists & rebels taking action towards massive personal & social change across the globe to help alchemize all of its crumbling outdated structures, systems and paradigms as well as the oppressions that have been keeping us from our potential.

Want to join me, Beloved?

My prayer for us: May we be living, breathing chalices of love in the world, overflowing with the unconditional, radiant, never-ending Divine nectar of love from our he(art)s. May we live in complete devotion to the Divine, our deepest truths, #SOULSPARKLE, sacred work and why we’ve come. May we devote ourselves in service to the Original Mother just as the bees are. And may we create our lives as great masterpieces for the good of all with rigorous integrity as conduits of Fierce Love & Liberation. And may it be JOYOUS & FUN along the journey!

The bees are a manifestation of Divine love on the earth plane. Let us be the same.

Want to join me in making your life a living prayer this year? Receive the support, accountability & deep nourishment you need in SISTERHIVE® to THRIVE in 2019.