How Sacred Sisterhood Will HEAL THE WORLD...

What I’ve noticed over the years is that we’re all doing such powerful work in the world, but we’re largely in capsules of disconnect.

We are walking stardust and we each hold different PRISMS of the Galaxy. When we gather in sacred sisterhood, we create a powerful matrix of light points across the globe, creating a brilliant energetic constellation of us shining brightly in the world - a star nation here on earth.  

THIS is what will help to heal the world, sister.

We are at a crucial point in human history, and ALL of our deep gifts are needed TOGETHER to help gracefully usher humanity into the next century and beyond. We are on a threshold now, going through a spiritual test that will help us bloom through into the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible: a kinder, braver and more just world where everyone’s basic human rights and dignity are respected and upheld. This is a powerful time of death and rebirth, of alchemy and transmutation….an “all hands on deck” moment.

It’s time for us to collaborate and lift each other up into true personal and social transformation.

It’s time to dream and co-create a new world into being TOGETHER

It’s time to RISE TOGETHER as embodied, deeply nourished & resourced women leaders

Let us step into our full (R)evolutionary potential TOGETHER.

SISTERHIVE® was designed to help us do just this (with the help of the bees of course!)

Because it’s PARAMOUNT that we gather NOW! Fierce Sisterhood & holding are non-negotiables in these chaotic times we’re in. We need consistent, foundational support now more than ever – because when we gather, we remember … WE REMEMBER WHO WE TRULY ARE & WHY WE’VE COME.

SISTERHIVE® is creating a culture of women re-membered, standing in their Divinity, full power and sovereignty for the good of all.

Won’t you join us, sister?

We are restoring intimacy, vulnerability, and sacred circling with a deep investment in being an intersectional, intergenerational, multicultural & multiracial sacred space. We are reawakening, remembering and coming home to our interconnectedness. We are calling forward our nobility of Spirit and holding each other accountable to that. We are collectively building an earth-based global sisterhood & SUPERORGANISM like the beehive. We are helping to restore the Sacred Feminine as the Queen Bee here on Earth and steward the return of ancient women’s wisdom.  

We are re-creating the world anew just like the bees do each day, enlivening the ether.

We are dreaming a kinder, braver, more beautiful world into being for the next 7 generations within our HIVE= WOMB containing the pure energy of love.

We are birthing, co-creating and sustaining NEW LIFE.

We are cultivating the creative LIFE FORCE, enhancing our generative capacities, and expanding our cosmic creativity.

We are reclaiming our profound ability to create and give birth to new life, new conditions, & new dreams.

We are activating the codes of Light of fierce feminine power and sovereignty, of embodied leadership, and of personal and planetary healing.

We are creating a potent vortex of power in our gathering while holding fierce presence & intention.

Come join our constellation of star beings & siSTARS sparkling SHAMELESSLY together to help heal the world and flood the house of humanity with light!

Come be embraced by a close knit group of sacred sisters that will champion you, cheer you on, support you and be a reflection and constant reminder of the Divine within you and your blazing bright light. Come be seen, loved unconditionally, known, accepted, and celebrated for the truth of who you are.

Come, Beloved, we’re waiting with open arms and unconditional love for you in the HIVE to help you shine your full light and aliveness in the world. Get the support, remembrance, mirroring and reflective listening you need to THRIVE!

The circle won’t be the same without your heart, focus and devotion…

See you in the HIVE, sister!