How do I know if SISTERHIVE is for me?

Let me ask you, sister, are you a woman-identified individual who wants to be deeply nourished & rooted so that you can express your full soul essence in the world for the greater good?

Do you desire to gather in sacred sisterhood every month for regular ceremony to drink from the well of Spirit & sustenance?

Do you long for a more sacred, meaningful and reverent interaction with all of life?

Are you ready for a homecoming – to your body, the earth, and the heart of what matters most?

Are you yearning for a soul oasis where you can return, remember, reconnect, replenish, & rejuvenate regularly, sister?

Would you thrive with sustained sisterhood support, nourishment, sacred practice & accountability to be the woman you’re capable of being?

Would you flourish in a cosmic, sacred space increasing your capacity to love & inviting your wholeness to emerge?

Would it serve you to be in a living inquiry of “how can I be most deeply nourished right now?”

Do you want to stand in your full power & sovereignty as an embodied leader, while being supported and fiercely held?

Do you want to help co-create and birth a new world, [First Name]?

Are you a woman who wants to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY?!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I’d love to invite you to join us in SISTERHIVE®!! It’s a Superorganism like the BEEHIVE, a deep circle of belonging where you can receive sustained, DEEP NOURISHMENT and Divine nectar for your mind, body, heart and SOUL. It’s a sacred womb space, a brooding chamber where we can drink sweet honey nectar to superpower our unique #SOULSPARKLE & sacred work in the world.

It exists as a monthly membership community filled with spiritual teachings, sacred practices & fierce support to help you come back home to your body, the earth, the ancient sisterhood lineage and the Web of All Life.

Each month...

  • We’ll gather on the New Moon for a powerful ceremony and be deeply fed through expressive arts, embodied movement practices, deep ritual, ancient women’s wisdom, and more.

  • You’ll receive an interview and masterclass from incredible women sparkling bright in the world, such as Rochelle Schieck, the founder of Qoya; soul art shaman Laura Hollick; artivist and rockstar Maya Azucena; Toni Bergins, founder of Journey Dance; Tami Brunk, shamanic astrologer; Abiola Abrams, TV host & spiritpreneur; and more.

  • You’ll get a Downloadable PDF with our monthly theme, curriculum & nourishment practices where we tap into diverse spiritual practices, teachings and tools for sustenance. Learn intentional practices to help you SLOW DOWN, live a soulful life of consequence, cultivate mindfulness, and savor life! Boost your mental, emotional, physical, energetic & spiritual wellness so that you can show up fully aligned with the heart of what matters most.

  • You’ll have access to the private SISTERHIVE® Sacred Sanctuary online where we come together in collaborative leadership to heal, grow, learn, transform, alchemize, regenerate, & empower each other

  • There will also be a Qoya movement class video aligned with our monthly theme, as well as ...

  • Archived talks, bonus recipes, expressive arts prompts, altar cards, original chants, support tools & premium access to all LIVE sisterhood gatherings & retreats

Join us in this safe & sacred space so that you can listen deeply to your intuition, commune with your soul voice, root into your body’s wisdom, and connect to Source Creativity.

And for those of you who may already be signed up for other intensives or development programs in 2019, know that this would be a powerful support to your journey ...

Because fierce Sisterhood & holding are non-negotiables in these chaotic times we’re in. We are restoring intimacy, vulnerability, and sacred circling with a deep investment in being an intersectional, intergenerational, multicultural & multiracial sacred space. We are reawakening, remembering and coming home to our interconnectedness. We are calling forward our nobility of Spirit and holding each other accountable to that. We are collectively building an earth-based global sisterhood & SUPERORGANISM like the beehive. We are helping to restore the Sacred Feminine as the Queen Bee here on Earth and steward the return of ancient women’s wisdom.

Won’t you join us, [First Name]? Come stay close to what is most sacred and walk in your awakened Divinity in the world. We’re waiting with open arms!

And as a BONUS, If you sign up before January 5th, you’ll receive my Sacred Messenger course FREE (a $150 value)It’s also one of the most accessible sacred offerings I’ve ever created at $38/month!