Find out WHY I was called to create SISTERHIVE®...

Today I wanted to share with you WHY I was called to create SISTERHIVE® and WHY I’m bringing forth the medicine of the bees.

Last year, during the Ignite the Fierce Feminine Within weekend immersion, we walked one of the most powerful labyrinths of my lifetime so far. It was a majestic rainbow chakra portal of transformation and deep ancient wisdom. Seeing each of the women dance in, out, and amongst each other in such harmony and grace was profound to witness.

When I felt called to enter, I approached the candlelit mouth of the labyrinth and prayed for guidance on how to be deeply nourished in my Being and soul, in ALL ways. As I was drawn in by the energetic pull of this power portal, I began to hear the messages “soften, allow, slow down, open …” like whispers on the wind. This voice got stronger and louder as I was pulled down to the earth, spiraling deep within myself as I continued to move towards the center of the sacred geometry. Then I heard “Open up and allow yourself to be fed by your Original Mother.” This message resonated in every cell, and my entire body cracked open in that moment. Even my mouth was agape in awe. I was drawn down to the earth once again, uniting with Her, and I began to hear a buzz. “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … the bees. It’s time for you to work with the medicine of the bees. You will find what you seek within the hive.”

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I bowed in deep gratitude for this clear guidance from what seemed like Mother Earth herself. I had been working with animal medicine for several years at that point, connecting with my own Druid ancestors through this practice, so it felt familiar and wholly aligned. I sealed it into my heart with my hands as I continued to dance and receive even more wisdom from the bees. As I danced back out of the spiral, a vision landed firmly in my Being and I knew what I had to do.

SISTERHIVE® was seeded in that powerful moment, and I am so thrilled to announce that she is ready to be born into the world!!!

Over the last year I have been asking “what would the bees do?”  I’ve been journeying with their medicine, and entered the Sacred Isle of Bees with my dear sister, bee lover and advocate Melissa Bee, for an animal medicine immersion to learn their deep ancient wisdom, and continuing to ask for guidance as to how to fully honor this gift, this calling, and this profound sacred task.

SISTERHIVE® is the result of this deep inquiry -- and I so hope you’ll join me inside the hive, [First Name]!!!

SISTERHIVE® is a Superorganism like the BEEHIVE, a deep circle of belonging where you can receive sustained DEEP NOURISHMENT and Divine nectar for your mind, body, heart and SOUL. It’s a sacred womb space, a brooding chamber where we can drink sweet honey to superpower our unique #SOULSPARKLE & sacred work in the world.

It exists as a monthly membership community filled with spiritual teachings, sacred practices & fierce support to help you come back home to your body, the earth, the ancient sisterhood lineage and the Web of All Life.

It’s time for us to be deeply nourished as women so we can nourish the world with our sacred work & gifts.

Join us today, [First Name]! And as my gift to you, if you sign up before January 5th, you’ll receive my Sacred Messenger course FREE (a $150 value).

Have questions? If so, we’ll be doing a LIVE Q&A and New Year’s Ritual on January 5th at 2pm EST and would be happy to answer them, sister! Reserve your spot HERE.