My BIGGEST announcement yet!! So thrilled to share this with you, Beloved!

SISTERHIVE® IS HERE!! Come receive monthly sustained deep nourishment & Divine nectar for your mind, body, heart & SOUL!

Transcript of the Video

Hey Beloved!! I’m Lainie Love Dalby, an embodied leadership mentor, published author, and fierce trailblazer in women’s spirituality and leadership. I'm on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed & devalued to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY®  & step into their authentic power. I’m also deeply passionate about ending the rampant disregard for human life, especially the overt & covert violence that is perpetrated against the Sacred feminine and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent divinity within and helping to bring the Sacred Feminine back into balance in our own lives and the world. To this end, I’m the founder of SISTERHIVE® and the Sacred (R)evolution® helping to foster a great return to love & reverence for self, other, our planet and the great Web of All Life. (Read more here)

I wasn’t always in this empowered and sacred love-filled place though. There was a time when I felt deeply disconnected from my body, the earth and other women, yet I yearned for deeper communion with them. I never felt like I belonged anywhere because of my deep core wounds.  I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I had a really hard time being here on this earth plane. I was ungrounded and easily knocked off my power center. I couldn’t slow down and bulldozed through my body’s needs. Back then I didn’t even know what the word NOURISHMENT really meant.  Worst of all, l I was totally disconnected from my aliveness, ecstasy and the joy of being in my purpose and delivering my sacred work to the world. Does any of this sound familiar to you sister?

You see, I grew up as an obese, creative outcast and, my spirit was squashed relentlessly through violence and bullying from the world around me, the dieting industry and even my own family. People couldn’t handle my big, wild energy, free creative spirit and blinding bright light, so they tried to dampen it. I eventually internalized this violence and over the years turned it against myself, gaining and losing over 1,300 pounds through yo-yo dieting, various eating disorders, unhealthy addictions, and self-hatred.  

Deeply disconnected from what matters most, my soul was starving: for meaning, purpose, direction, and wholeness. I didn’t know how it felt to be truly full.

I was awake yet sleepwalking through my days, filled with the urge to stuff and placate my deep longing for something more. In short, I had learned to distrust and disconnect from my own body and inner soul voice, shutting down my free spirit and going into autopilot. I had become a prisoner of the patriarchal social paradigm, a slave to a culture that assaults the body.  


Instead of celebrating our inherent power and claiming our sovereignty, we are living in an age of separation and a time of deep soul loss & malnourishment. We have an epidemic of individuals today disconnected from their bodies and their essence, being repressed from reaching their full (r)evolutionary potential by patriarchal structures such as the dieting industry, fashion magazine culture, and the media—keeping them weak and stuck in a feedback loop of “I’m not good enough, attractive enough, thin enough, strong enough to do, x, y, z (insert here: start that business, find true love, write my book, follow my dreams...).I know because I was one of those disconnected & deeply malnourished souls.

These harmful narratives are deeply embedded in our culture, teaching us to hate and doubt ourselves instead of encouraging us to know that we are precious Divine Beings possessing unique medicine & innate #SOULSPARKLE that’s needed now. This age of separation is also closely related to our alienation from nature, our own bodies and the Sacred Feminine.

What we need is a Sacred (R)evolution® of love and reverence for self, other, the planet and the Web of All Life. A new bottom line of love aimed at restorative justice, collective healing, and fierce liberation.

Reconnection to the Divine Feminine is the BEE medicine that is most greatly needed in our world right now. I believe that it is this sacred reconnection that will bring an end to the rampant violence in our world, both overt and covert, and restore us to our dignity and humanity. Reconnection to our truth, our planetary family, our sacred purpose, our power, our sovereignty, our sisters and our great sentient Mother Earth. And most of all, a reconnection to what deeply nourishes us and ALL OF LIFE.

That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to join us inside SISTERHIVE® to help you do just this!  It’s a holy container of ancient soul remembrance, a cosmic vortex of authentic power and pure presence, and a etheric temple and gathering ground for our genius and innate divinity to awaken & emerge.  It exists in this 3D plane as a monthly membership community filled with spiritual teachings, sacred practices & fierce support to help you to help you to help you to come back home to your body, the earth, the ancient sisterhood lineage and the Web of All Life.

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I’ve had my own struggles in the past staying consistent with the spiritual practices that help me to tap into my Divine light, stay grounded and return home to my core truths and soul voice. That’s why I’ve created this sacred container of fierce holding, Divine nectar and invaluable accountability along the journey.   Each month:

  1. We gather LIVE each month from ceremony in the HIVE, where we Come to slow down, enter into stillness and spiral within to our innermost terrain and deepest truths.  Here we take off the masks and are deeply fed through expressive arts, embodied movement practices, deep ritual, ancient women’s wisdom, and more.

  2. You’ll receive a Downloadable PDF with our monthly theme, curriculum & nourishment practices where We’ll tap into spiritual teachings and tools to stay in a place of love, harmony and balance such as ancient Earth medicine & communion rituals, ceremony, modern shamanism, meditations & visualizations, astrological wisdom, animal medicine, the wheel of the year and the Earth’s seasons, sounding, crystals, depth inquiry, archetypal Goddess energies, Mining the unseen realms for hidden treasures and more.

  3. An inspiring interview & Masterclass with a guest expert: Featuring Sovereign Sisters who are rising into their power, owning their sacredness, and bringing their deep gifts to meet the world’s deep needs (and who are unstoppable because of it).

  4. You’ll have Immediate access to the private SISTERHIVE® Sacred Sanctuary online where we come together in collaborative leadership to heal, grow, learn, transform, & empower each other.  It’s our virtual inner sanctum where we energetically seal the sacredness inside to thrive.

  5. You receive a Qoya movement class video aligned with our monthly theme, where we utilize CONSISTENT practices to ground us into our bodies and remind us of who we are, to connect us to our deepest truths and intuition, to calm the stress response in our nervous systems and to enhance our ability to hear our inner soul voice & heart teacher.

  6. There will be lots of surprises along the journey to help keep our light and vibration high in an increasingly dark & chaotic world. You can expect archived talks, altar cards with handmade shamanic healing art, original chants, detox tips, catalyzing Spotify playlists discounts on all new offers, premium access to all LIVE sisterhood gathering and retreats and more!

Now I know You might be wondering, why the bees?! Well...While walking a powerful labyrinth over a year ago during my Ignite the Fierce Feminine Within weekend immersion I received a direct transmission from the Great Mother to work with Bee medicine and to bring that forward in the world as a great healing for all. Then, I had a shamanic astrology reading that illuminated that I have the beehive cluster in my start chart and a core element of the Virgin constellation & priestess having to do with deep nourishment, so SISTERHIVE® was literally inscribed in the stars when I was born!!!

But more than that, the bees are a manifestation of Divine love on the earth plane.

I desire for us to be the same, in shared leadership, rooting deeply into our bodies and the Earth so we can rise into our full (r)evolutionary potential as embodied leaders.  We have the potential to recreate the world anew just like the bees do each day, enlivening the ether. We have the capacity to dream a kinder, braver, more beautiful world into being for the next 7 generations within our HIVE = WOMB containing the pure energy of love. Within this sacred space, we’re also helping to restore the Sacred Feminine as the Queen Bee here on Earth and steward the return of ancient women’s wisdom. Just take that in for a moment sister...


Feel the hive now in your Being, it’s warm and cozy as we gather around the central hearth, that flame of love that always burns in our etheric temple and in our hearts, connecting us in the one heart. Here in this holy field of reverence we fiercely love and hold and support one another in doing the sacred work that needs to be done and dreaming the new world into being together and taking the actions steps to bring it into. It is a profound soul oasis for us to return, remember, reconnect, restore, replenish, rejuvenate & be deeply nourished, so that we may nourish the soul of the world.

Because I’ve learned along the journey that Nourishment isn’t just about food, sister, it’s about overall sustenance for holistic thriving. Based on the values of Love, Harmony and Balance like the bees, think of this as a collaborative experiment in nourishing ourselves, each other and our world. We are reinventing the way we treat our bodies, each other and the earth. We are doing business, life and relationships in a whole new way. We are drinking the nectar and sweetness of the Divine, focusing on that which is generative, sustainable, fertile, alive and in the spirit of abundance FOR ALL.

SISTERHIVE® is is a deep energetic container of sustained sisterhood support, nourishment, sacred practice & accountability to be the women we’re capable of being.

Because fierce & sacred sisterhood is a non-negotiable now & essential to this reconnection. We need consistent, foundational support for these turbulent times we’re in. I couldn’t do any of the work I do today without the deep support and holding that I have. So I invite you sister to Join our constellation of star beings & siSTARS sparkling SHAMELESSLY together to help heal the world and flood the house of humanity with light!  IT’s time we remember that this is our true nature. We are walking stardust, the bringers of light, and we all hold different PRISMS of the Galaxy. We create a powerful matrix of light points across the globe as we gather, creating a brilliant energetic constellation of us shining brightly in the world - a star nation here on earth - like the beehive cluster & bee flights that connect a web of white light over the planet.

We need your brilliant #SOULSPARKLE now more than ever! Come be seen, truly held, deeply loved and cherished for the truth of who you are and the radiant medicine you bring, sister.

We’re waiting with open arms and unconditional love for you to help you shine your full light and aliveness in the world!!!! See you inside the HIVE!!!