How I stay grounded, centered and deeply nourished during the holiday season

The Sacred Slow Down Practice

The Sacred Slow Down Practice is one of my favorite ways to stay grounded and nourished. It’s a simple practice I developed to be able to step into reverence at any moment and tap into my ancient wisdom that I originally created for my Sovereign Sisters Rising circle.

Sacred Body Love headshot.jpeg
  1. Stop or press pause on whatever you’re doing & come into stillness and silence

  2. Breathe in your surroundings through all your senses

  3. Come down into your body by breathing deeply & touching your sacred vessel gently

  4. Open your heart with gentle tapping

  5. Give gratitude to the present moment and what is

  6. Connect into your own inner stream of ancient wisdom by deeply listening

  7. Touch the earth/friend/object before you with reverence & create a circuit of energy between you

  8. Share the blessing “You are Sacred”

  9. Return to what you were doing

Watch the video of The Sacred Slow Down below:

Here are some other tools I use to stay deeply grounded, centered and deeply nourished during the holiday season:

  1. I do ritual and ceremony! Join us for our Winter Solstice Ceremony

  2. I gather in sacred circle with other womxn! Join us for our annual Rise & Shine New Years Retreat virtually this year

  3. I cultivate my inner fierce feminine fire: Tune into my interview for the Find Your Force Show to learn how.

  4. I birth my LOVE into action through my sacred work: Get my Sacred Messenger course for a discounted rate of $99 and learn how to deliver your own sacred work to the world for the good of all. It’s time to step up and deliver our unique gifts & #SOULSPARKLE to the world.

  5. I dance!! Check out my sister Tasha’s Radical Movement course

  6. I read: Get more tools to Slow Down & Slay in the new book I’m a co-author of: Goddess on the Go!

  7. I make expressive art: you can see all my latest creations over on instagram.

What are your favorite ways to stay grounded and nourished during the holiday season? Please share with us below!

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