Today is a BIG 20 year dream come true! I am a published author with Flower of Life Press! And my visionary sacred art is on the cover of the book! And I have an author profile on Amazon!

For the last 20 years, ever since I hand-bound my own thesis book at Cornell during a 3 month performative installation, I have desired to birth book babies into the world. I know this is just the beginning! There are so many more to come!

I'm so honored to be a part of this collaborative New Feminine Evolutionary series and to be featured alongside so many powerful sisters including Alexis Neely, Tanya Lynn, Alis Mao, Mia Luz and more. Thank you Jane for bringing us all together and amplifying our voices out into the world!

You can order a copy here

More about my sacred cover art!

Title: The Greening Power of the Goddess, 2018

Artist: Lainie Love Dalby

Medium: Mixed media shamanic healing collage

I believe in the power of art making itself as a form of prayer, deep healing, and communion with the divine. It is a vehicle for the secret language of the soul that helps lure us back to wholeness. That’s why I refer to my shamanic healing pieces as he(art)works. It’s accessing an endless well of colorful textured language from the mysterious realm of the Great Mystery and the depths of our heart and soul. Each sacred offering is a clue to the truth of who we are, leading us closer to ourselves and why we’re here at this time. It’s an opportunity for us to take an individual journey into our inner landscapes, bringing forth our deepest expression and the embodied truth felt deep in our bones. This is why I love to weave expressive arts into all of my immersion experiences. I innately know, sense, and feel that every creation is inscribed with the mark of the Creator, including each and every one of us.

Because of this, I deeply believe that each and every one of us matters and that we’re here to do something that matters. We each have a precious human life that deserves to be cherished, supported, and upheld as part of the larger Web of All Life. It’s fundamental to the air I breathe and each step I take in the world. I operate from the basic premise that we’re all artists in charge of the greatest masterpiece on earth, our lives. We all have a divine legacy that we’re co-creating each day, all in service to the great cosmic masterpiece. We must each add our unique stroke to this collective masterpiece — or else it will be forever lost.

Two of the ways I personally do this are through my embodied leadership mentoring and shamanic healing he(art)works focused on individual and social transformation. A core part of my medicine is bringing the visionary unseen realms into the seen here-and-now-reality, including with this commissioned he(art)work on the cover.

The Greening Power of the Goddess is a symbolic transmission of the Divine Feminine principles for regeneration and sustenance outlined in my chapter: Igniting a Sacred (R)evolution™: a.k.a. a New Bottom Line of Love. As the title hints, there is a Greening Power of the Goddess supporting this flourishing that we so deeply desire, this restoration of reverence for all of Life. It is root ~ composting ~ infinity ~ earth ~ flowering ~ opening ~ blossoming ~ sweet nourishing honey dripping ~ womb pulsing ~ creation ~ higher vision ~ regeneration ~ juiciness flowing ~ cosmic service ~ interconnection ~ intimate interweaving ~ spiral dancing ~ Kundalini rising ~ alchemical transformation ~ regenesis ~ new life budding ~ rebirth of society.

After asking, “What would most serve the transmission within the pages of this book?” I received this full image as a vision in a dream and brought it into reality for this commission. It was a direct inspiration and download from Spirit. The images that speak to me are universal, tapping into the nature of the cosmos and all that is, relating to our intimate connectedness with others and all of Life, and reminding us of who we are and to whom we belong.

For many years I have had deep connection and communion with all the symbols included on the cover of the book and spread throughout since they originate from my ancestral heritage and spiritual lineages: the Egyptian ankh symbolizes eternal life, the infinity sign/lemniscate symbolizes abundance and limitless supply, the alchemical flower of life utilizes the sacred circle & refers to the patterns of creation, and the Celtic triple goddess spiral in the center represents the life, death, and rebirth mysteries. The eagle and snake are two of my main spirit animals that have been journeying with me for most of my life, and they symbolize higher vision and transformation, respectively.

Words can’t do this he(art)work justice, however. In truth, there is a much greater richness to the image if you just sit with it and allow the Great Mystery to unfold before you as a guide to its deeper wisdom. May it be a blessing and a visual prayer that helps us to pioneer new pathways to prosperity.

Find out more or commission your own Shamanic Healing he(art)work.