Earth Mother's Abundance Series - PART 2

This month in our SISTERHIVE® community our pillar from “The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly” is Deep Nourishment for ALL and our theme is Earth Mother’s Abundance. There’s so much to be said on this powerful topic (including on the podcast this month with herbalist Liz Neves), that I wanted to create a 3 part vlog series to share the wealth of spiritual teaching and resources with you;) Enjoy Part 2, Beloved!


We have lost touch with the ancient earth-honoring systems going all the way back to goddess worship and indigenous shamanism — the original spirituality — and instead have bought into the modern-day patriarchal systems that have suppressed these sacred ways for more than three thousand years. One serves...

  • Life vs greed.

  • bottom line of love vs bottom line of money.

  • the unseen realm vs the seen, middle world reality.

  • Sacred vs profane.

  • extraordinary vs the ordinary.  

  • abundance and surplus vs scarcity.

  • serves humanity vs serves the individual.

  • metaphysical and magica vs strictly physical and material.

  • interconnection and interdependence of all Life vs the delusion of separateness.

Luckily, once we wake up to this reality, we realize that we always have a choice to serve and protect Life instead of just a self-serving agenda.

Instead of just asking “How can I personally prosper and achieve abundance,” we must ask now, “What will be for the nourishment and benefit of all beings?”

We’re here on this planet to give and not to get. We are here to love and be the presence of love itself. As Stephen Jenkinson asks, “can you show up in your life needed instead of needy?”

Imagine if instead of money, the most familiar currency was love — that it trumped all others and came first above all other human exchanges? The words "currency" and “current” come from the Latin "currere," meaning "to flow" or "to run" (like a river). "Currency" is also "the act of being accepted, passed and circulated from person to person" — a medium of exchange that flows between people — and it was only in 1699 that the meaning of the word began to include "circulation of money." Before that, it just meant "a condition of flowing."

Money is energy, just as love is energy. Both are means of exchange utilized for creating value in our lives, creating lasting connections and consequences for the future of all parties involved. With both, our aim is to be in the flow of giving and receiving, like the ocean tides rolling in and out of the shoreline. Like the infinity loop — swirling in and back out, around and around continuously, never ceasing.

There is no better teacher of this powerful cycle of giving and receiving than our Earth Mother and her profound abundance.

Charles Eisenstein said “ The more you give, the richer you are, which is the opposite of a money culture.” Unknowing of the heart. The money culture has taught us that everything has a monetary value and so can be bought and sold. But the older story, known and live by our ancestors who had an integral and reciprocal relationship with the earth, suggest that this relationship with our living world is beyond value and beyond price.

“We are living off the gifts of all that has come before us: humans, plants, animals, and minerals. What came before us lived long enough to pass on this gift of life, and it is our obligation to keep the gift (and life!! Me) in motion for the next generations.” Day

Try thinking from the perspective of #LoveCurrency and making love the new bottom line in our world. See how that might influence your decisions, spur more creative thinking for alternate solutions, and add to the betterment of planet Earth — for it is the only home we’ve got. As one of my dear mentors, Jean Houston, has shared, “Humankind must be transformed through loving. Love or Perish.”

As 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has said, “We experience who we really are, and what it is we’re meant to do, in any moment when we pour our love into the Universe.”

How can you begin to pour your love out into the Universe, Beloved? Share with us below!

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