Earth Mother's Abundance Series - PART 3

Last month in our SISTERHIVE® community our pillar from “The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly” is Deep Nourishment for ALL and our theme is Earth Mother’s Abundance. There’s so much to be said on this powerful topic (including on the podcast this month with herbalist Liz Neves), that I wanted to create a 3 part vlog series to share the wealth of spiritual teaching and resources with you;) Enjoy the final part, Beloved!


  1. Disconnect from the patriarchial story of LACK and rewrite the new story for yourself - You are enough. You have enough. You have everything you need within us right now (reframe scarcity) - seeing everyone here including yourself in their prosperity. Focus on what is prosperous within you now)! You may have abundance of things you don’t want now, release that to reinvest in what you truly do want .Hold yourself in prosperity and gratitude as well.

  2. Know there is enough to go around.

  3. Money does not make you better or less than anyone else, it does not affect your worth as a Divine and radiant Being.

  4. It’s all about what we can give and how we serve, not what we can get and what we deserve. Ask: What can I create to nourish, sustain and serve LIFE? Moving from a place of What can I give instead of what can I get, walking the path of LOVE in the world. Always think of the person on the other side who is having this sacred exchange with you.

  5. You are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. Helping others is helping yourself. You don’t need anyone to come and save you. You are Sovereign.

  6. Step into gratitude for the little things that you do have. It encourages gratitude for the small gifts of life, and can be a reminder that abundance and wealth is a state of mind.

  7. Open to receive. There is a need to soften & OPEN TO RECEIVE in order to be fully nourished & delight in our Earth Mother's Abundance. For clenched fists are grasping, there’s no room for spirit to flow through, and we’re blocked from receiving the abundance that wants to come our way. That's what scarcity thinking does to our closes us up to the Divine flow that wants to come through. This quote also stood out to me from Tosha Silver, “...chasing and attaching reliably pushes away the good that wants to come. It’s a doorway to abundance. Think of chasing a feather. The air current you create by reaching and reaching for it keeps pushing it farther away. But if you become still, it may land right in your lap.” How can we become still this month and allow ourselves to truly open to receive the #LOVEcurrency that is here for us?

  8. Offer your wounds and pain around abundance and money over to the hands of the Great Mother to hold for you. Fear brings us into constriction. Release the old tapes. Keep it at the level of energy and keep the energy current moving - money is love so We can attract and repel it based on our energy

  9. Trust your inner wisdom, the possibility of resourced abundance and the new paradigm that is being birthed now. Know that we are creating a new paradigm at this time sister. We are on the verge of blooming through to a new way of Being in the world. And there are growing pains associated with this birth. Finances are a place where we can especially feel this since it is a construct of the 3D world, a direct product and creation of the patriarchy.  We must remember that money is energy, as is everything else. That allows us to work with it in the unseen magical realm as well. Healing through our old stories, blocks and scarcity thinking allows us to open to the realm of resourced abundance. I invite you to open up and allow yourself to be fed by your original Mother. Take even this to the altar of the Divine and ask for guidance, holding and care. Even here. I know that this journey will help you to alchemize any old ways of Being that are no longer serving, including with your finances. We are learning how to be deeply nourished on all level, including financially now.

  10. FEED YOURSELF FIRST I’m a fan of the (r)evolutionary work of Isabel Behncke, a primatologist who translates the wisdom of the animal world to humanity. One of her key teachings is: Feed the Female.  Her observations and studies fit in perfectly with the need for the Sacred Feminine Principle of NURTURING: when the females are well fed, literally and metaphorically, then everyone thrives. Our body is a portal to our power; we must honor and revere her, and make sure she is deeply nourished and fed first. Think of it as radical hospitality (which is a big part of my own Celtic ancestral lineage). But radical INNER hospitality and a spirit of gentle nurturing with your own body. The choice to nourish ourselves first is ultimately a choice that will most greatly nourish the world, since we can show up fully in our unique medicine & #SOULSPARKLE on behalf of the greater good.

Please share your reflections, challenges and ahas with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear how this 3 part series has moved you, Beloved!

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