Episode 006: STAYING TRUE TO YOUR ESSENCE & SHINING BRIGHT with Self Worth Midwife Abiola Abrams

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Staying True to Your Essence & Shining Bright

featuring Self Worth Midwife Abiola Abrams

Episode 005


In this interview I’m in conversation with a dear soul sister, TV personality Abiola Abrams! In it she shares:

  • her personal journey that led to her sacred work in the world and the powerful energy, magnetism, positivity and Fierce SHINE she emanates

  • Recommendations on how to reconnect to your own unique medicine & gifts

  • how she stays close to her Essence Self, Sparkling SHAMELESSLY in the world

  • wisdom for us to heed today in this world filled with so much shame, oppression and trauma that can dim the Spirit.


Abiola Abrams is a Spiritual Success Coach and Self-Worth Midwife that helps Visionary Women with the courage to be seen and heard to create movements around their BIG ideas. She’s also an award-winning motivational speaker, transformational author, and advice columnist who’s been featured on networks from MTV to the BBC, given talks and led transformational workshops from NYC to London, shared inspiration in publications from the DailyOm to Essence Magazine and held spiritual retreats from Bali to Belize. Overall she’s passionate about midwifing conscious women leaders to breakthrough!

Her latest retreat, “The Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifestation Retreat,” is a call to action for Big Vision Women to uplevel our lives and step into our power. It is all going down this Summer in France, the week of July 22nd. Some of the retreat activities include daily meditation + meditating under the Eiffel Tower, a cabaret/burlesque body love dance class, french perfume making workshop, lightworker sound healing, aura readings, reflexology and Ayurvedic healing treatments, divine french food and more. And get this -- the retreat will be in a fairytale castle in Chantilly, France. Find out more here: GoddessOfParis.com