Episode 007: SLOWING DOWN TO FEEL MORE with event doula Vanessa Viglietta

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Slowing Down to Feel More

featuring event doula & founder of The Superwoman Solution, Vanessa Viglitta

Episode 007


In this interview I’m in conversation with one of my dear soul sisters, co-creators, collaborators and co-circle holders for Sovereign Sisters Rising, Vanessa Viglietta! In it she shares:

  • About her (r)evolutionary journey as a recovering workaholic and people pleaser and how’s she’s overcome it to step more into her Sovereignty?

  • How sitting in sacred circles has literally kept her alive and transformed her life, as well as allowed her to slow down to feel more.

  • How consistent spiritual practice, ritual and gathering in sacred circles has helped her to sparkle shamelessly even more in the world…along with some of her specific spiritual practices she uses.

  • What it means to be a Sovereign Sister Rising.

  • A love note to any sisters out there listening who feel like they still have to do it all on their own and power through.

  • The most important thing we can do as women to help us step into our full power, sovereignty and shameless sparkle at this most powerful time in human history.


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Vanessa is the founder of the SuperWoman Solution where she supports community leaders as an event doula with back end coordinating, strategy, and in person space holding for women’s circles, global retreats, events and programs in order for them to show up and shine fully in their zone of genius. Her goal is to make sure each woman feels supported, loved and honored along their unique journey with her radical hospitality approach. Vanessa is known for her love, compassion and unique way to make sure no woman goes unseen.

We’ve also been working together for the last three years through our Sovereign Sisters Rising Initiation into the Fierce & Sacred Feminine & our SISTERHIVE learning & practice community, so I’ve gotten to intimately witness her transformation from corporate executive assistant to powerhouse sovereign solopreneur, and so much more.