The ROOT to RISE & SHINE Pathway!

Welcome to the ROOT to RISE & SHINE Pathway, siSTAR!! It’s like a yellow brick road to more magic, synchronicity, and connection! It’s going to help you to Sparkle Shamelessly in a sustainable way out in the world. This pathway is also foundational to our journey in SISTERHIVE, which is why we recommend going through it when you come into our Sacred Sanctuary. You can download the accompanying PDF here.

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When you journey with this (r)evolutionary map as your guide, you’ll begin to root back into your body, the earth, the ancient sisterhood lineage and the Great Web of All Life so that you can remember who you are and why you’ve come at this most powerful time in human history. It outlines core practices to be able to RISE into your full power & sovereignty as a womxn, so you can SHINE with your full light & unique #SOULSPARKLE in the world.

Most of all, it’s an easeful & graceful way to eliminate overwhelm and receive deep support while navigating the spiritual path and walking it with practical feet in our busy world.  It will also help you develop beneficial habits and powerful accountability structures to support your thriving.

You also happen to get a badass cheerleading squad of sovereign siSTARS that are walking right beside you, fiercely holding you along the way!

This journey is a return, a homecoming, a spiraling inward to your core truth & authentic essence so you can be deeply nourished in your mind, body, heart and Soul. By practicing and walking this path together as siSTARS in the HIVE, it allows us to become Divine Manifestations of Love on the Earth plane, just like the bees!

NOTE: Not everyone who joins SISTERHIVE will be starting in Stage 1 – some may be further ahead in their journey than others AND THAT’S AWESOME because we can help each other to RISE. By watching the short intro video that goes along with the PDF and reading through the qualities of each stage, you’ll be able to identify which stage you’re currently in. Please come over and share that with us in our online sanctuary!

Here are the milestones and action items along the ROOT to RISE & SHINE pathway for you to follow along with. (Note: This is the same as what’s on the PDF so we recommend downloading the PDF and printing it out, so you can check the items off as you go!)

slow down and listen.jpg

Intention: I slow down & listen regularly to the pulse of what matters most.

If you’re in Stage 1:

    • You come into stillness regularly and tap into the wisdom of the body

    • You unhook from mass consciousness and have designated times to interact with the internet, social media and news media instead of allowing these into your nervous system at all times. You are a responder to social media and not a reactor: you choose when you want to tune in, and you don’t allow yourself to be on call 24/7.

    • You take designated ritual time each week, month and year to deeply listen to what is moving for you. You take a pause and time out for spiritual retreats and contemplation to hear the voice of your soul.

    • You turn down the noise of the outside world - media, news, tv, etc - and find silence in your life.  You listen regularly for the (r)evolutionary call of your soul and the next set of clues on your path, mining for inner gems along the way.

    • You use regular sacred practices to tune into your body during the day and notice how you feel.

    • You engage in what I like to call SOUL CARE, including slowing down regularly so you can feel more and take time for deep rest.

    • You treat your time and energy as sacred resources to be used mindfully and with great intention.

Celebratory Milestones:

    • You engage in embodied movement practices, meditation and other practices to help you slow down on a daily basis.

    • You turn your cell phone on silent or airport mode and take time to just BE regularly.

    • You create regular scheduled sacred space in your life just for you to tune into the voice of your soul.

    • You go on spiritual retreats & gather in sacred circles to help make space for and nourish your body, mind, heart & soul.

Sacred Actions:

    • Dance Qoya with us each month so you can slow down and stay close to the felt sense of truth in your body. Join us LIVE or for the recording after.

    • Use the Full Circle Health daily tracking pages

    • Watch the Sacred Slow Down practice video

    • Engage in the Labyrinth Practice or another of your choice as a navigational tool to return to your center, your truth -- to come back to what is real and where you feel most ALIVE. (video coming soon)

Transition to Stage 2: Celebrate and share with the group in our online sacred sanctuary!

align and root image copy.jpg

Intention: I align with my body & root into the earth and sacred sisterhood

If you’re in Stage 2:

    • You understand the cyclical nature of all of life including our ROOT to RISE & SHINE Pathway. You experience the cycles of life-death-rebirth, and observe the seasons through the wheel of the year. You connect back to the land & our Original Mother. You honor your roots, deepen with your ancestors, & commune with the spirits of the land to help you ROOT to RISE.

    • You’re regularly aligning your schedule and your life around your personal moon cycles, the seasons, astrology or the wheel of the year. You’re deeply attuned to the earth and her innate rhythms as well as your own. You track your monthly cycle with an app or on paper and take time out to honor the change of seasons.

    • You are aligning with ancient wisdom and deepening your connection with the Divine & Sacred Feminine, honoring and integrating the deep feminine mysteries that have been suppressed for centuries. You tap into your innate rhythms & cycles, Moon wisdom, blood rites and more.

    • You stay close to your body and essence, tapping into your own inner compass of discernment and enhancing your intuition. You are aware that when you’re fully in your body you are more able to be fully in your power.

    • You know how you want to feel in your life so you can align to that. You stay close the the felt sensation of truth in your body through embodied practices.

    • You move your body the way she wants to move instead of forcing or pushing. You harmonize with yourself and your surroundings, attaining balance, ease, and effortless flow.

Celebratory Milestones:

    • You regularly track your cycle if you are still in your bleeding years, and if not, you track the cycles of the moon.

    • You have begun to unpack and heal through any shame around your cycle, your sensuality, your femininity or your sexuality.

    • You have a connection to astrology and the Heavenly Bodies, knowing that they deeply inform and affect our own embodied journey here on earth

    • You have a loving & frequent connection with your body and the earth, and spend time both in self-care and communion with nature

Sacred Actions:

Transition to Stage 3: Celebrate and share with the HIVE in our online sacred sanctuary!

purify and nourish.jpg

Intention: I purify my sacred vessel and nourish my mind, body, heart & Soul.

If you’re in Stage #3:

    • You treat your body as a holy sanctuary for the Divine.You tend to the body as a living temple and purify your sacred vessel for what wants to be birthed through you.  You allow your body to guide what it needs and follow her inner wisdom. You prioritize deep nourishment on all levels, including forming loving habits that support your wholeness and wellness.

    • You understand that without taking care of our vessels first as a foundation, we can't live into our full potential and deliver our gifts. We'll get burned out. Our work will suffer and so will we. You know that if we’re not nourished, we can’t nourish the world with our sacred work.

    • You consume purifying foods that nourish you at a deep level of your being. You’re mindful of where things are sourced and access organic and local food wherever possible. You take time out to deeply rest and restore your body, asking your body about her unique needs.

    • You understand that what you eat, what you drink, what you think, and what you put into your body MATTERS. We’re fed by what surrounds us, including our friends, environment, etc. You allow your outward life to reflect what’s important to your soul.

    • You’ve begun to release what no longer serves you physically, spiritually, energetically, and karmically, to energize and enhance your frequency and vibration and to refortify and strengthen you for the (r)evolutionary journey. You’ve released (cleansed) and let go of attachments, old ways of being, behaviours, etc. to detox and lighten your load.

    • You’re beginning to embrace and nourish your wildly radiant, powerful, magical, courageous & sacred self. You remain in the consistent inquiry of “what does it mean for me to be fully nourished?” and take action towards filling your chalice first each day. Then ask "How can all beings be nourished?"

    • You show up to nourish yourself and the HIVE in all ways, sharing honestly, being vulnerable, offering your gifts and medicine, etc.

    • You are open to incorporating integrative medicine & shamanic healing into your life.

Celebratory Milestones for Stage 3:

    • You feed yourself first what you need in your life.

    • You have a loving relationship with your body, including physical movement and exercise, nourishing foods, self-care & more to help purify your vessel.

    • You engage in regular release work or energy work to purify your energy body.

    • You feel nourished at the core of your Being by all that you surround yourself with, including people, home, sacred objects, etc.

Sacred Actions for stage 3:

Transition to Stage 4: Celebrate and share with the HIVE in our online sacred sanctuary!

trust and surrender.jpg

Intention: I trust in the Divine plan unfolding & surrender to the magic of LIFE.

If you’re in Stage 4:

    • You are open to the synchronicities of life and the magic available all around you.

    • You allow the Divine to be your guide through the use of visualization, divination cards, paying attention to animal medicine and trusting your body to guide you to any crystals, healers, or other practices you need to THRIVE.

    • Even in difficult times, you know that life is happening for you, not to you, and that everything that is occuring in your life is to help grow you to the next level of your soul’s evolution. You follow the call of your soul even when it seems “crazy” & unfathomable at times.

    • You’ve come into harmony and balance with the Great All That Is, setting fierce intentions and partnering with Universe/Spirit/Goddess to co-create your life as a Great Masterpiece for the good of all.

    • You know how to get out of your own way and give things over to God/Goddess/Spirit/Divine/Source/Insert-your-own-here

    • You engage in forgiveness & radical acceptance of what is, letting go of the baggage of hate, shame, and rejection. You embrace the full beauty of vulnerability.

    • You stay close to what is most sacred by weaving ritual, ceremony & ancient wisdom into all aspects of your life. You journey into the Great Mystery and live your life as prayer steeped in the sacred like the bees, with constant generosity, compassion, and communion. You find deep joy in living a life of devotion.

    • You’ve begun to trust your inner knowing and rebuild that line of communication with your Soul & Spirit.

Celebratory Milestones in Stage 4:

    • You engage in meditations and visualizations, astrological wisdom, animal medicine, sounding, energy work, crystals, depth inquiry or other deep spiritual practices regularly in your life.

    • You pay attention to and notice the synchronicities in your life.

    • You set conscious intentions to co-create with Spirit in all you do.

    • You trust your own inner knowing & the call of your Soul.

Sacred Actions in Stage 4:

Transition to Stage 5: Celebrate and share with the HIVE in our online sacred sanctuary!

gather and practice.jpg

Intention: I gather in sacred circle & practice regularly to remember who I am.

If you’re in Stage #5:

    • You experience the power of the sacred circle by gathering in sisterhood regularly, to help remember who you truly are and why you’re here. Your sisters serve as a mirror for your innate divinity and strengthen you for the journey.

    • You know that practice is key. Showing up for yourself and your sisters is key. Being in Integrity and full presence is key.

    • You delight in co-creating a community that can continue to support you, hold you accountable, and help you to practice and stay the course so you can be committed to the (r)evolutionary path and bring greater love and light to the world. You know that we are dreaming a kinder, braver, more beautiful world into being for the next 7 generations within our HIVE= WOMB, a world containing the pure energy of love.

    • You know that upholding one another is key to our personal & social transformation. Without gathering in sacred circles, we can’t maintain our Shameless SPARKLE. It’s an essential part of the shining fully and sustainably in the world.

    • You lean into our sacred circles as a place to plug in, recharge, restore and regenerate, but most of all re-member. You sense and know that we are creating a potent vortex of power in our gathering while holding fierce presence & intention.

    • You inherently know that the health of the individual is connected to the health and nourishment of the whole (ecosystem). TOGETHER IS HOW WE RISE! We are bringing forward a new way to lead that is non-hierarchical and that acknowledges the importance of intimate communion with ourselves, each other, the Earth and the Great Web of All Life. You are reclaiming your profound ability to create and give birth to new life, new conditions, & new dreams.

    • You engage in rituals and ceremonies on a regular basis to stay tapped into the he(art) of what matters most

Celebratory Milestones for Stage #5:

    • You regularly practice The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly with your HIVE sisters

    • You maintain an altar (or several) and visit it regularly to superpower your practice.

    • You regularly gather in sacred circles with other womxn.

    • You have experienced firsthand the power portal that is created when womxn gather & allow themselves to be seen & held by each other.

Sacred Actions for Stage #5

Transition to Stage 6: Celebrate and share with the HIVE in our online sacred sanctuary!

serve and sparkle.jpg

Intention: I serve the greater good with my unique #SOULSPARKLE.

If you’re in Stage #6:

    • You desire to co-create your life as a great masterpiece for the good of all. You ask for guidance along the path. You know you are re-creating the world anew just like the bees do each day, enlivening the ether with your presence, intentions and actions.

    • You are actively moving towards serving the world with your deepest gifts and offering your unique #SOULSPARKLE to the world in all you do.

    • You are living close to your essence so you can remember who you are & why you’re here

    • You’re walking the path of LOVE in the world and in all you do. You serve as a chalice of LOVE, overflowing into the world, a Divine manifestation of love on earth like the bees. You are an awakened light worker, an embodied leader whether it’s of your own life, your family, or your community

    • You are fully integrated and therefore feel whole, aligned and SOVEREIGN.

    • You are deeply devoted to walking the spiritual path with practical feet, rooted support, and sustainable sparkle.

    • You are familiar with what your Sacred No & Embodied YES feel like in your body and you exercise them to remain in your Sovereignty.

    • You maintain consistent practice & gathering for personal & social transformation.

    • You feel comfortable in your own skin and are moving towards Sparkling Shamelessly each day. You are in your full essence, power, presence, & wholehearted aliveness. You are in your joy, lit up, turned on and blazing true.

    • You are learning to fully channel your cosmic and Divine light & unique #SOULSPARKLE, moving towards what matters most, maintaining focused intentions and manifesting them into reality.

Celebratory Milestones:

    • You are currently serving the world with your deep gifts and unique #SOULSPARKLE

    • You are deeply rooted in your body, the earth & the sisterhood so that you can RISE & SHINE fully in your life.

    • You feel a deep devotion to walking the spiritual & (r)evolutionary path.

    • You walk as LOVE in the world with all you do

Sacred Actions:

    • Go through the bonus Sacred Messenger Course content to help you share your sacred work in the world at a whole new level

    • Watch Abiola Abrams’s masterclass: BEEing in your Essence Self

    • Watch the monthly FB live video with our theme & pillar from The Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly

Share your sacred offerings in our New Moon Feature post! Email to be included.

Transition to fully LIVING & embodying it each day: Celebrate and share with the HIVE in our online sacred sanctuary!

Congratulations, siSTAR!! You’ve made it all the way around the wheel of the 6 phases and you’ve stepped more into your power, sovereignty & Shameless SPARKLE along the way!

We’re celebrating you and the badass you are!! WOOHOO!!! Now let’s keep living it and practicing it TOGETHER! And inevitably you’ll want to revisit some of the phases along the wheel, continuing the journey to greater self-mastery and living into your full (r)evolutionary potential. It’s an honor to walk this path with you, sister!