Expert Masterclasses

As a way of pollinating our HIVE, Lainie Love is doing a monthly podcast interview that leads into a private Masterclass that gets more intimate and in depth for all of our Bee sisters in the HIVE! Each visionary Sovereign Sister featured in the series is truly owning their full power, sharing their unique #SOULSPARKLE in the world for the good of all, living into their (r)evolutionary potential, and are unstoppable leaders because of it. They are also deeply nourished and sustained along the journey. These videos include both elements to support you in BEEing the same!!


July 2019 Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation with tantra teacher Tatiana Dellepiane


In this interview I’m in conversation with one of my dear sisters, tantra teacher Tatiana Dellepiane. In it she shares:

  • About her own (r)evolutionary journey that led to her sexuality and tantra work with women

  • The sacred practices she uses each day to move towards aliveness and standing in her full sexual sovereignty

  • How our sexual energy is integral to all other aspects of our life and existence here on earth

  • Ways to connect in more to your own senses and your ecstatic devotion to life itself

  • Why our sexual empowerment as women is so crucial for the rising of the new feminine paradigm of leadership

  • HOW are bodies are made for ecstasy and some ways we can tap into that juicy stream of aliveness

  • What sexual sovereignty is and how can we step into it?

  • Wisdom on how to open to receive the GOOD that wants to come our way, especially sexually

  • Her top self-pleasure practice

  • How can healing our realtionship with our sexuality can help to heal our world


Tatiana Dellepiane is a Sex & Relationship Expert, Tantra Teacher, Healer and Artist born and raised in NYC. Like most masterful energy healers, she has been a student of energy and sensual choreographic healing for her entire life, studying modalities from around the world. She incorporates the ancient wisdom of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Indigenous practices adapted for the modern world. She is passionate about sharing her personal experiences, lessons, and wisdom to empower other women. Tatiana offers 1-on-1 mentorships and group trainings, online 1-on-1 coaching and group programs, intensives and workshops throughout NYC. Featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health,, The Greatist, The Insider, The Metro, GQ, Athleisurist Magazine, Sensheant Magazine,, and Your You can find her at


June 2019 Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation with womb whisperer Phoenix Na Gig


In this interview I’m in conversation with one of my dear soul sisters, womb whisperer Phoenix Na Gig. In it she share:

  • her own (r)evolutionary journey that led her to her sacred work in the world as a womb whisperer and listening deeply to the wisdom of the body

  • The power of coming together in ritual & ceremony in her own life & sacred work

  • How tapping into ancient sites and the rituals that have happened there over Millenia has helped to super power her work & life

  • her recommendations to help you reconnect to and listen to the wisdom within your own body

  • how she overcame the most difficult blocks and struggles on her journey to sharing her full #SOULSPARKLE and medicine with the world

  • Some of her personal daily sacred practices she uses to listen to the wisdom of her own body and stay close to what is most sacred

  • For city dwelling women, or those of us that don’t live in the wild, how to connect with Mother Nature

  • a potent womb whispering session for our collective hive.


Phoenix Na Gig has been working with the Sacred Feminine for almost a decade with women in Britain and worldwide. Remembering the nature of our womb consciousness, she is part of the ushering in of a new paradigm of awakening feminine nature on the planet. She is fascinated by both the history and the contemporary embodiment and re-emergence of women's wisdom as a journey to healing, balance, wellness and power. You can find her at

May 2019 Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation With Event Doula Vanessa Viglietta


In this interview I’m in conversation with one of my dear soul sisters, co-creators, collaborators and co-circle holders for Sovereign Sisters Rising, Vanessa Viglietta! In it she shares:

  • About her (r)evolutionary journey as a recovering workaholic and people pleaser and how’s she’s overcome it to step more into her Sovereignty.

  • How sitting in sacred circles has literally kept her alive and transformed her life, as well as allowed her to slow down to feel more.

  • How consistent spiritual practice, ritual and gathering in sacred circles has helped her to sparkle shamelessly even more in the world…along with some of her specific spiritual practices she uses.

  • What it means to be a Sovereign Sister Rising.

  • A love note to any sisters out there listening who feel like they still have to do it all on their own and power through.

  • The most important thing we can do as women to help us step into our full power, sovereignty and shameless sparkle at this most powerful time in human history.

  • How she overcame the most difficult blocks and struggles on her journey to sharing her full #SOULSPARKLE with the world.

  • How she continually remembers to slow down to feel more even in the midst of all she is holding with her sacred work and here in the HIVE with us.

  • How connecting with the earth and nature on her regular daily hikes help her to slow down to feel more and stay deeply nourished.

  • How she honors her moon time and allows it to inform her schedule.


Vanessa is the founder of the SuperWoman Solution where she supports community leaders as an event doula with back end coordinating, strategy, and in person space holding for women’s circles, global retreats, events and programs in order for them to show up and shine fully in their zone of genius. Her goal is to make sure each woman feels supported, loved and honored along their unique journey with her radical hospitality approach. Vanessa is known for her love, compassion and unique way to make sure no woman goes unseen.

We’ve also been working together for the last three years through our Sovereign Sisters Rising Initiation into the Fierce & Sacred Feminine & our SISTERHIVE learning & practice community, so I’ve gotten to intimately witness her transformation from corporate executive assistant to powerhouse sovereign solopreneur, and so much more.

April 2019 Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation With Self Worth Midwife Abiola Abrams


In this Masterclass I’m in conversation with a dear soul sister, TV personality Abiola Abrams! In it she shares:

  • her personal journey that led to her sacred work in the world and the powerful energy, magnetism, positivity and Fierce SHINE she emanates

  • recommendations on how to reconnect to your own unique medicine & gifts

  • how she stays close to her Essence Self, Sparkling SHAMELESSLY in the world

  • wisdom for us to heed today in this world filled with so much shame, oppression and trauma that can dim the Spirit.

  • how she overcame the most difficult blocks and struggles on her journey to sharing her full #SOULSPARKLE and ESSENCE with the world - Especially the shame.

  • the sacred practices that helped her to stay in her ESSENCE self each day deeply nourish her body and sacred vessel for the journey.

  • How diving into the darkness through shadow work has helped her to step more into her own light, radiance & truth

  • sacred practices she recommends to help stay deeply nourished and resourced for your own journeys to BEE in your essence selves?


Abiola Abrams is a Spiritual Success Coach and Self-Worth Midwife that helps Visionary Women with the courage to be seen and heard to create movements around their BIG ideas. She’s also an award-winning motivational speaker, transformational author, and advice columnist who’s been featured on networks from MTV to the BBC, given talks and led transformational workshops from NYC to London, shared inspiration in publications from the DailyOm to Essence Magazine and held spiritual retreats from Bali to Belize. Overall she’s passionate about midwifing conscious women leaders to breakthrough!

Her latest retreat, “The Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifestation Retreat,” is a call to action for Big Vision Women to uplevel our lives and step into our power. It is all going down this Summer in France, the week of July 22nd. Some of the retreat activities include daily meditation + meditating under the Eiffel Tower, a cabaret/burlesque body love dance class, french perfume making workshop, lightworker sound healing, aura readings, reflexology and Ayurvedic healing treatments, divine french food and more. And get this -- the retreat will be in a fairytale castle in Chantilly, France. Find out more here:

March 2019 Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation With Shamanic Astrologer Tami Brunk


In this interview, I’m in conversation with a dear soul sister & deep inspiration to my life, shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk. We talk about lots of powerful and sacred topics including:

  • The (r)evolutionary journey that led her to her sacred work as a scribe to the stars, active dream teacher and Earth Gaurdian

  • Suggestions and deep wisdom on how to come home to our Earth Mother and the wisdom of nature that is all around us... especially the cosmos, planets and stars

  • Powerful Indigenous wisdom and medicine for these times that she’s learned as a fierce ally

  • How we can remember to sparkle shamelessly like the stars in the night sky, like the stardust we are

  • Wisdom from the Full Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox as well as the impact and importance of Venus’s recent transition into Libra and what it means for humanity at this time & the rising of the new feminine paradigm of leadership in our world

  • Her profound growth challenge of a poisonous spider bite on her ear and the gifts she received from this unexpected initiation

  • A surprise teaching on the formation of 1000’s of stars known as the beehive cluster (that’s in my birth star chart) and how It can help influence how we show and and shine here on earth as a collective.


Tami Brunk is a wholehearted empath that’s a fully Certified Shamanic Astrologer, an Active Dream Teacher and the co-founder of Venus Alchemy with Cayelin Castell.  She’s also a powerful international speaker, writer, and teacher. Her passion is to marry the worlds of astrology and dreaming to accelerate the shift into a New Earth paradigm. She has changed the lives of thousands globally through Venus Alchemy and her Sky Apprentice Program as well as her Astrology for Earth Renewal E-Zine. An Earth Guardian from a young age, she brings special insight to her practice from decades as a field biologist, nature writer, naturalist and eco-activist.


To follow her work, book a session, invite her to speak or facilitate a workshop find her on Instagram, Youtube, or at her website at

**BONUS** February 2019 Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation With Bee Advocate Melissa Bee


In this interview I’m in conversation with a dear soul sister, bee advocate Melissa Bee, another fellow HIVE sister! In this Masterclass she shares her extensive wisdom on the bees and reconnecting with Mother Earth including:

  • practices from Bees that will nourish all those in the HIVE

  • The medicine of their “Sacred Dance”

  • the essence of collaboration and cooperation

  • Melissa’s own personal practices to nourish and connect with nature

  • Practices to tap into the Earth Mother’s Abundance

  • Healing lessons we can learn from Bees

  • and so much more!


Melissa Bee has spent her entire life exploring the boundaries of science, eco-psychology, and spirituality. The more she learns, the more she appreciates how blurry those boundaries can become. Whether she's working with children, families, adults, animals, plants, or the unseen energies of the natural world, she seeks to use the power of ritual to enhance our sense of sacredness in everyday experience. In addition to presenting and offering workshops, Melissa is the co-creator of the Sacred Isle of Bees and Creatrix of Aylatree.

Please come over to the online sacred sanctuary to share any insights or aha’s from this powerful conversation!

February 2019 Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation With Herbalist Liz Neves


In this interview I’m in conversation with a dear soul sister, herbalist Liz Neves and fellow HIVE sister! We talk about lots of powerful and sacred topics including:

  • what helps her be and feel deeply nourished

  • the importance of listening to your body, food and all elements of nourishment as medicine….

  • the healing properties & wisdom in weeds or toxic plants including Poison Ivy and how it helps us to step into healthy Boundaries

  • Reflections on the spiritual healing journey and how our greatest wounds carry the deepest medicine

  • the wisdom of eco-Systems and how they can inspire us to greater collaboration, including in our HIVE

  • How to honor and tend to our relationship with the Great Mother Earth


Liz Neves is the founder of Gathering Ground where she channels her love and passion for the natural world by introducing city dwellers to the healing plants that grow all around us. Inspired by herbalism, earth-based spirituality, and ancient wisdom teachings, Liz provides nature awareness, herbal medicine making education, mindfulness meditation and dream circles. Her favorite plant power is their ability to stimulate lucid dreams which she uses in her monthly dream circles. She’s also an active community member of the Pachamama Alliance and the founder of the Brooklyn, New York Community.  With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, the Pachamama Alliance programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

January Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation with Soul Artist Laura Hollick


In this interview and Masterclass I get to share with you one of my favorite creators on the planet: Laura Hollick! I can’t wait to share her medicine and #SOULSPARKLE with you!!! In it we talk about

  • the power of imagination

  • homecoming

  • Divine union

  • how she deeply nourishes her Being as well as her creative projects in the world

  • the ways in which we can nourish the world as a collective and so much more!

  • A rainbow dragon even makes an appearance! ENJOY!


Laüra is an award-winning Soul Artist and the founder of Soul Art Studio Inc, a business devoted to circulating love around the world with creative inspiration. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called “The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick.” She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called “The Artist’s Lifestyle.” She also gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.” Laüra’s art and insights touch audiences around the world with her global art projects like International Soul Art Day, the Yoni Art Project and the nü Icon Movie.

Please come over to the online sacred sanctuary to share any insights or aha’s from this powerful conversation!