Expert Masterclasses

As a way of pollinating our HIVE, Lainie Love is doing a monthly podcast interview that leads into a private Masterclass that gets more intimate and in depth for all of our Bee sisters in the HIVE! Each visionary Sovereign Sister featured in the series is truly owning their full power, sharing their unique #SOULSPARKLE in the world for the good of all, living into their (r)evolutionary potential, and are unstoppable leaders because of it. They are also deeply nourished and sustained along the journey. These videos include both elements to support you in BEEing the same!!


January Full Moon Offering: Lainie Love in Conversation with Soul Artist Laura Hollick

In this interview and Masterclass I get to share with you one of my favorite creators on the planet: Laura Hollick! Laüra is an award-winning Soul Artist and the founder of Soul Art Studio Inc, a business devoted to circulating love around the world with creative inspiration. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called “The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick.” She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called “The Artist’s Lifestyle.” She also gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.” Laüra’s art and insights touch audiences around the world with her global art projects like International Soul Art Day, the Yoni Art Project and the nü Icon Movie.

I can’t wait to share her medicine and #SOULSPARKLE with you!!! We talk about imagination, homecoming, Divine union, how she deeply nourishes her Being as well as her creative projects in the world, the ways in which we can nourish the world as a collective and so much more! A rainbow dragon even makes an appearance! ENJOY!

Please come over to the online sacred sanctuary to share any insights or aha’s from this powerful conversation!