Sister, please find below lots of bonus goodies to support you on the journey. From original chants, to PDF guides, to playlists to recipes, choose the sweet Divine nectar that most nourishes YOUR soul. And if there’s something you really LOVE and want more of, please share and let us know in the online sacred sanctuary HERE!


The Sacred Slow Down Practice

The Self Love Flood Meditation

The Sacred Messenger Course

Someone out there needs you. It's time to live your life in a way that they can find you. Our world is at a crucial turning point, and a collective raising of consciousness is needed now more than ever. Your playing small does not serve the world. It's time to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY. The truth is that coming from a place of serving humbly in our world today is not only a strong spiritual practice, but it's also good business. You can be a spiritual leader and live in abundance. Come monetize your sacred message and join the new class of embodied spiritual leaders who are co-creating their lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all and make a living while doing it.

We each have a divine legacy to live out. Come learn to share your unique medicine and deliver your deepest gifts to help you meet the world's deepest needs. If you're feeling called to activate your sacred work through speaking, writing, conducting workshops, leading retreats, community building, coaching, spiritual direction, or providing online trainings, then this course is for you.

The Sacred Body Wisdom Book


Read Lainie Love’s chapter in the #1 Bestseller Sacred Body Wisdom book from the New Feminine Evolutionary Series out by Flower of Life Press. Her chapter is entitled “Reclaiming Our Bodies as Sacred Sovereign Ground” and she also did the sacred cover art! It’s entitled “Sipping on Stardust.”

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free guides to support you on the journey

I love creating content & inspiration to help you Sparkle SHAMELESSLY!! We will update this section with free guides as they become available, but for now enjoy our Guide to Creating Sacred Space & Altars!

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Music to move & nourish your soul

I LOVE creating playlists to dance to , create to, make art to and more. On my spotify station you’ll find plenty of gems to dive into. Choose which ones feel most resonant for you!

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Original chants by Lainie Love

Though they may only be a low-fi iphone recording, the original transmission, energy and Spirit is present! Please enjoy, bring them into your sacred spiritual practice, sing them far and wide and reverberate them as blessings and prayers out into the cosmos if they feel resonant to you!!


Recipes & shamanic nourishment

Shamanic Nourishment is a term that I’ve created to refer to how I eat and interact with all LIFE giving sustenance. It’s similar to Paleo, but really it’s simply a way of eating close to the Earth and allowing myself to be fed deeply by my original mother. It’s treating all sustenance as sacred, first and foremost, and as a gift to be grateful for. I’ll be posting recipes here for the journey to help keep your body deeply nourished!


sacred art to inspire you

I believe in the power of artmaking itself, especially mixed media visual art & collage, as a form of prayer, deep healing, & communion with the Divine that can help inform our journey’s along the way. That’s why I refer to my art as He(art).  It’s accessing an endless well of colorful textured language from the mysterious realm of the soul. Each sacred offering is a clue to the truth of who we are, leading us closer to ourselves and why we’re here at this time. It’s an opportunity for us to take an individual journey into our inner landscapes, bringing forth our deepest expressions of wholeness and the embodied truth felt deep in our bones. It’s welcoming all parts of ourselves home, surrendering to the mystery, and safely entering into the darkness and the shadow. It’s merging spirit and earth through creation


Book recommendations for the journey

I am a total bibliophil and I deeply believe in bibliotherapy. Books have been some of the most profound healers on my journey so I LOVE sharing recommendation with you sister!! Especially if I get an intuitive hit that it might serve your (r)evolutionary journey. Below there is a list of books that I personally ADORE and recommend for this journey. See if any of them call to you and go from there!