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May 2019 New Moon Edition

Dance in Beauty - “SLOWING DOWN to Feel More”

“Walking in Beauty” is a concept that comes from the Navajo/Dineh Native American tradition. It’s called “hozho naasha” and it means to walk in harmony with all living things. It’s about being in a state of balance and right relationship with the natural world. It’s a profound state of awareness where you feel connected to everything around you. This influences how you move through your life, and in this case, DANCE through the world. Because all of life is a dance as we practice in Qoya, and we’re here to enjoy it! One of the core ways we can do this is by SLOWING DOWN TO FEEL MORE. And this moon we’re diving into this! Enjoy!


APRIL 2019 New Moon Edition

Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® - “BEEing in Our Essence Self”

We are walking stardust — every single living being — regardless of race, class, nationality, religion, or species. It is our true nature to shine. Shining together, there is an interconnected constellation of us just like the stars shining brilliantly in the night sky: flooding the house of humanity with light, each a cosmic and radiant node in our interconnected Web of All Life. My life’s work is to help us all do just this: to SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY®. It’s allowing our spiritual magnificence to come forth, our soul essence, the reality and raw truth of who we are. And this moon we’re diving into this! Enjoy!


MARCH 2019 New Moon Edition

The Great Homecoming - “Honoring ALL Life as Sacred”

Reconnection is essential now in our world filled with isolation, loneliness and harm. Reconnection to our own bodies, to our truth, our planetary family, our sacred purpose, our power, and ultimately our sovereignty. Think of it as a Great Homecoming to the he(art) of what matters most...because how we show up for ourselves, each other, and the planet matters. Serving Life matters. It is my prayer that we become consciously aware of ourselves and our intimate connections within this living Web so we can be inspired to do just this.


FEBRUARY 2019 New Moon Edition

Deep Nourishment for All - “Earth Mother’s Abundance”

Money is energy, just as love is energy. Both are means of exchange utilized for creating value in our lives, creating lasting connections and consequences for the future of all parties involved. With both, our aim is to be in the flow of giving and receiving, like the ocean tides rolling in and out of the shoreline. Like the infinity loop — swirling in and back out, around and around continuously, never ceasing. There is no better teacher of this powerful cycle of giving and receiving than our Earth Mother and her profound abundance.


January 2019 New Moon Edition

Co-create Your Life as Sacred Art - “Embody Your Artistry”

We are all creative beings by nature, whether we acknowledge this inner power or not. Each one of us is needed NOW to show up in the fullness of who we truly are.  We each have a unique medicine and what I like to call #SOULSPARKLE that only we can bring. If we don't add it to the great cosmic masterpiece it will be lost forever.  We are the vision carriers of the world we want to see. Read more including this month’s sacred nourishment practices!