OCTOBER 2019 New Moon in Libra TRANSmission

Our pillar from the Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly: Walk as LOVE in the World

Our theme: “Embodying Our True Power”

It’s time to shift the current patriarchial paradigm from the love of power, to the Power of LOVE instead. Because true power is LOVE. True power comes when we walk as embodied LOVE in the world. True power is sourced from the heart. And when we’re in our true power we’re radiant and sparkling!!! When we’re walking the path of love and service to all those who need us most, when we’re answering the call of our soul, we can SHINE with our full radiance en masse and root out the darkness that has taken hold in our world.

Our Depth Inquiry Questions:

  • What is standing in the way of you being in your authentic power?

  • Where are you leaking power?

  • What initiations are you facing now (to clear away all that is not love)? 

  • Where are you not showing up fully with LOVE in your life? 

  • What do you choose to co-create with your true power?

  • How can we continue to keep our hearts open, stay true and follow the call even amidst the chaos of our world?

Our Sacred Practice: Tonglen Meditation A practice to breath in suffering of the world and transmute it into light. Watch the video HERE for instruction by leading Buddhist practitioner Pema Chodron.

SEPTEMBER 2019 New Moon in Virgo TRANSmission

Our pillar from the Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly: Be an Embodied Leader

Our theme: “Birthing Our Love into Action

We can’t shine our full light in the world if we’re not fully inhabiting our own skin. Embodiment is essential on the (r)evolutionary journey. We need a fierce container for the awakening that is upon us so our nervous systems don't go into overload. To be able to show up in sour sacred work and deliver our Divine Legacy we must be fully embodied.

Our Depth Inquiry Questions:

  • What do you need to feed yourself, literally and figuratively to feel deeply nourished at a soul level so you are able to birth your love into action fully??

  • How can you more deeply honor your body temple to be the hollow bone? How can you continue to purify, cleanse and clear the vessel in service to your sacred work in the world?

  • How can you serve as a conduit for the healing energies that our world needs so desperately? (i.e. how can you help protect the cosmic order?)

  • Deep down, what do you feel you were born to do in this lifetime? i.e., what is the legacy you want to leave?

  • What do you want to stand for and represent in the world? How do you want to show up? (Take a piece of paper and allow stream of consciousness to flow out as you claim what you stand for. )

  • According to Andrew Harvey, “The only questions you will be asked when you cross over the waters of death are: What did you do while the world was burning? How did you work to heal the horror of a world on fire? What did you love enough to risk and give your life for?” How would you answer those questions?

Our Sacred Practice: Anything that serves to get you ROOTED into your body! Dance Qoya with us! Put on my Love (R)evolution Playlist and free dance! Go for a barefoot walk in the park, hug a tree, rub your hands as light wands over your body to awaken your energy and ecstatic aliveness, or lay down on the floor and do a body scan. There are countless options. Just choose something that lights you up and do it regularly to keep you ROOTED deeply in your body.

AUGUST 2019 New Moon TRANSmission

Our Pillar from the Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly: Ignite Your Fierce Feminine Flame.

Our theme: “Heart Warrior Activation!!”

It’s time for us to stoke the Fierce Feminine Flame within to burn away all that no longer serves our world in crisis. Someone out their needs us. We must live our lives so they can find us. This is not a time for playing small or safe. This is a time for shining BRIGHT like our starry sun and Sparkling SHAMELESSLY as a great healing for all.

Our Depth Inquiry Questions:

  • You can no longer abandon yourself to make everyone else happy. Fierce boundaries are essential to thriving. Where are you giving away your power?What do you need to let go of in order to fully step into your purpose, aliveness and LIGHT?

  • What unique powers do you possess as a woman, especially one who is standing firmly in her Fierce Feminine?

  • How are your boundaries currently feeling? Could they use some adjustments? Which ones?

  • What would it feel like to have healthy boundaries? Where in your life would you like better boundaries?

  • Create a Stop Doing List: Where do you commit to step into your sacred NO? (i.e. stop: apologizing, taking on other people’s energy, giving my power away, over-scheduling, etc)

Our Sacred Practice: Awakening Your Inner Flame Body Prayer
(NOTE: This body prayer is modeled for you in the live video here and will also be in the New Moon in Leo ceremony.) Begin standing and rooting your feet firmly down into the earth. Staighten your spine and connect along the double helix spiral, drawing down fire energy from the sun and stars and pulling up fire heart energy from the center of the earth’s molten core. Merge it in full creative life force energy here on this plane within your own inner heart flame. Imagine you’re streaming down star energy, and pulling up earth mama grounding energy to fortify your body and all your chakras. Letting it infuse all of the cells in the body and fill up your heart with the light of the sky, pulling the fire of the mother up through your yoni, root and sacral chakra and solar plexus lighting all those up along the way. Invite in the sun, invite in the star energy down through your soul star and crown chakras, 3rd eye and throat, merging in the heart to cultivate our own inner fire and sustainable burn. Let the light infuse you’re being and totally envelop you, then send the light out to the dark places in the world.

Additionally, you can read more about this New Moon in Leo HERE from our HIVE sister Virginia Rosenberg.

JuLY 2019 New Moon TRANSmission

PILLAR: Move Towards What Makes You Come ALIVE!

THEME: “Ecstatic Devotion”

Sparkling SHAMELESSLY is about being LIT up, turned on & blazing true. An essential aspect of this is moving towards what makes you come ALIVE. What brings your soul to the edge of rapture? What delights you endlessly and gets your life force energy pulsing through you? It's time to allow your soul to throb with aliveness! Come enhance your creative capacities, sexual energy, connection with your body, and ability to show up for your sacred work in the world this moon in ecstatic devotion to the path. Get fully lit up & willing to show it! Our theme for the month, Ecstatic Devotion, also ties into the 6th stage of our new Root to RISE & SHINE pathway as well: Serve & Sparkle.

Depth Inquiry Prompts:

  • Are you deeply satiated by the life you’re living right now? If not, why? 

  • What are you hungry for?

  • What is your greatest joy and your greatest heartbreak? 

  • What are your greatest (unmet) desires in life?

  • What really TURNS YOU ON and makes you come ALIVE in your body??

  • Where do you block yourself from receiving (pleasure, abundance, etc.)?

Our sacred practice for the month: Orgasmic Prayer Ritual - We’re going to be conducting some pleasure research this month to connect with our ecstatic devotion and bring aliveness into our bodiesl! We’re going to be tapping into the power of our sacred orgasms as a means of deep prayer, communion with the Divine & manifesting our desires. Create your own or use this as a template! NOTE: you do not need to be in partnership to do this ritual. It can be practiced alone, and is highly recommended even if you are in partnership!

  1. Create a sacred space, make it luxurious and romantic for yourself (candles, roses, etc.)

  2. Set your intention (i.e. get super clear about what you want to birth into Being)

  3. Play some luscious music that helps you sink into your body

  4. Use some safe massage oil or coconut oil on your body to touch yourself all over

  5. As you get close to orgasm focus in on your intention and in your climax send it out into the world with all of your pussy power and shakti life force energy

  6. Vocalize and sound it out to activate your vagus nerve!

Additionally, you can read more about this upcoming New Moon in Cancer HERE from our HIVE sister Virginia Rosenberg. You can also download her astrological guide for thriving during eclipse HERE. She is so graciously offering it to us. If you need any extra support during this portal definitely reach out to her for a reading as well! Enjoy!!

We’d love it if you share any insights that come through with us over in the comments! See you soon sister!

June 2019 New Moon TRANSmission

PILLAR: Root in Ritual, Ceremony & Ancient Wisdom

THEME: “The Wisdom of the Body”

Our theme for the month really ties into the first stage of our new Root to RISE & SHINE pathway as well: Slow Down & Listen. There is such great wisdom in nature and in our own bodies, if we choose to pay attention and listen. We can look to nature & our spiritual heritage for role models and wisdom to help come back to the body and our true nature so we can SHINE Bright!

Our sacred practice for the month: Choose something in nature that draws your attention & investigate it deeply. It could be an animal, the sun, the moon, the stars, the tree behind your house, the weed that grows up through the crack in the city sidewalk or even part of your body or an internal organ. The key is to study it. Observe it. Track it. Spend time in silence with it so you can listen in. Notice it’s qualities. Investigate its inherent medicine. It holds gifts and deep wisdom to share with you if you allow it in.

Additionally, you can read more about this upcoming New Moon in Gemini here from our HIVE sister Virginia Rosenberg: https://virginiarosenberg.com/media…/new-moon-in-gemini-june

We’d love it if you share any insights that come through with us over in the comments! See you soon sister!

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May 2019 New Moon Edition

Dance in Beauty - “SLOWING DOWN to Feel More”

“Walking in Beauty” is a concept that comes from the Navajo/Dineh Native American tradition. It’s called “hozho naasha” and it means to walk in harmony with all living things. It’s about being in a state of balance and right relationship with the natural world. It’s a profound state of awareness where you feel connected to everything around you. This influences how you move through your life, and in this case, DANCE through the world. Because all of life is a dance as we practice in Qoya, and we’re here to enjoy it! One of the core ways we can do this is by SLOWING DOWN TO FEEL MORE. And this moon we’re diving into this! Enjoy!


APRIL 2019 New Moon Edition

Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® - “BEEing in Our Essence Self”

We are walking stardust — every single living being — regardless of race, class, nationality, religion, or species. It is our true nature to shine. Shining together, there is an interconnected constellation of us just like the stars shining brilliantly in the night sky: flooding the house of humanity with light, each a cosmic and radiant node in our interconnected Web of All Life. My life’s work is to help us all do just this: to SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY®. It’s allowing our spiritual magnificence to come forth, our soul essence, the reality and raw truth of who we are. And this moon we’re diving into this! Enjoy!


MARCH 2019 New Moon Edition

The Great Homecoming - “Honoring ALL Life as Sacred”

Reconnection is essential now in our world filled with isolation, loneliness and harm. Reconnection to our own bodies, to our truth, our planetary family, our sacred purpose, our power, and ultimately our sovereignty. Think of it as a Great Homecoming to the he(art) of what matters most...because how we show up for ourselves, each other, and the planet matters. Serving Life matters. It is my prayer that we become consciously aware of ourselves and our intimate connections within this living Web so we can be inspired to do just this.


FEBRUARY 2019 New Moon Edition

Deep Nourishment for All - “Earth Mother’s Abundance”

Money is energy, just as love is energy. Both are means of exchange utilized for creating value in our lives, creating lasting connections and consequences for the future of all parties involved. With both, our aim is to be in the flow of giving and receiving, like the ocean tides rolling in and out of the shoreline. Like the infinity loop — swirling in and back out, around and around continuously, never ceasing. There is no better teacher of this powerful cycle of giving and receiving than our Earth Mother and her profound abundance.


January 2019 New Moon Edition

Co-create Your Life as Sacred Art - “Embody Your Artistry”

We are all creative beings by nature, whether we acknowledge this inner power or not. Each one of us is needed NOW to show up in the fullness of who we truly are.  We each have a unique medicine and what I like to call #SOULSPARKLE that only we can bring. If we don't add it to the great cosmic masterpiece it will be lost forever.  We are the vision carriers of the world we want to see. Read more including this month’s sacred nourishment practices!